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Expert Talk: How to Capture Visual Metaphors
Expert Talk: IT and Information Management & Data
Savvy Performance Management
Expert Talk: Intuitive Decisions with Dr. Mega
Expert Talk: How to Collaborate with Inspiration
Operations Management
Leading Ambidextrous Organizations – Part 1
An Effective Company Culture
Expert Talk: Effortless Collaboration
Micro Talk: Effective One-to-Ones
Make Your Workdays More Meaningful
High-impact interpersonal skills
Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis
Making Meetings Work
Business Model Frameworks
Dealing with Conflict – For Managers
Micro Talk: Soft Skills and VR
Team Building
Expert Talk: Company Branding Lessons
Expert Talk: Performing Brilliantly, Virtually
Expert Talk: Conflict Types and Escalation
The Performance Management Makeover
Micro Talk: Building High Performing Teams, Part 3
Scrum – an Introduction
Personal Finance in Today’s Complex World
The Village That Could
Expert Talk: Culture and Conflict in Remote Teams
Evolution of Management Theories
What do Managers do?
Micro Talk: Giving Feedback
Reading Skills for Managers
Micro Talk: The 7 Levels of Delegation
Nudges for Managers
Awkward Presentations
Leading Ambidextrous Organizations – Part 2
Workplace Mentoring From a Distance
Conquering UK Employment Law – Redundancy
Applying Psychology to Worker Motivation
Expert Talk: Managing Talent, a Business Priority
Sport Management
How to Manage “Snowflakes”
Managing and Understanding Millennials & Gen Z
Why It's Wrong to Set SMART Goals
Managing Up and Managing Down
Effective Use of Metrics in Sales Management
Problem Solving Techniques for Managers
Expert Talk: Facilitating Like a Conductor
People-Centric Change & Adaptive Organisations
Audiobook: Bloodborne Pathogens and First Aid
Gutsy Leadership
Human Management in Times of Crisis
In Focus: McKinsey - The Effect of COVID-19 on L&D
The Experts Teach: Managing Performance
The Secrets to Workshop Success
Achieve Positive Group Dynamics
Micro Talk: Giving constructive feedback
How to Organize your Work, Home and Life
Make your Meetings More Productive
How to Give Difficult Feedback Virtually
Organisational Myths – Volume 2
Digital Strategy Mapping
Fundamentals of Executive Leadership Coaching
Audiobook: CPR, AED & First aid
Micro Talk: Management Challenges
Psychopathic Leadership
Strategic Management of Human Capital
Managing Successful Innovations
Dynamics of New-age Innovation
Strategic Innovation Frameworks
The Seven Deadly Sins of Employment
Dealing with Chronic Mondayitis
Applied Research in HRM
The Reluctant Entrepreneur
Business Email Etiquette
Implementing ‘Duty of Care’ Duties: Part 2
The ‘Duty of Care’ Management Approach: Part 1
Principles and Methods of Duty of Care
Tools Supporting Better Implementation of Controls
Operations Aspects of Duty of Care
The Sociology of Business
How to Lead and Manage your Team Remotely
Keep Moving: 10 Time Management Myths
Escaping the Tyranny of the Urgent
Expert Talk: Importance of a Side Hustle
Expert Talk: Technology and Change
Expert Talk: HR and Change
Expert Talk: Transform your Life with Soft Skills
Saying 'No' without Demotivating your Team
Basic Life Support
CPR, AED & First aid
Information security for non-technical managers
International Business in Emerging Economies
Sports Development, Law And Commercialization
Project Management Templates & Instructions
Micro Talk: Understanding Cash and Capital, Part 2
The Best Models for Managers (L to N)
Blockchain Basics
Overnight Success Myths
Operations Research
ABC of sustainable development
Expert Talk: Managing Remote and Virtual Teams
Goal Keeping
Sport Organisation and Administration
How to Deal with your Manager
The Art of Addressing Situations In The Moment
HR2025: The Future of Employee Engagement
HR2025: The Future of Work – Managing People
12 Steps to Social Media Success
The Real Business of Real Business
How to influence organisational change
Создание эффективной команды
Совет директоров в трех словах
Models for Teams
Expert Talk: Office Politics - Ask Questions
Genesis of Strategic Management
What Matters Most: Credit or Results?
Practical Change Strategy Step by Step
Digital Thinking and Mobile Teaching
Business Ethics
Expert Talk: Importance of Entrepreneurship
Modern Risk Management Remarks
Employee Recognition and Rewards
Celebrating Success
Expert Talk: Working With Difficult People
Managing into the Future
Expert Talk: Office Politics - Get Strategic
Generative Change Management
Organising Yourself and your Remote Teams
Guidance and Counselling in Schools
Audiobook: Management Basics
Micro Talk: Managing Remote Staff
Expert Talk: Business Decision Making
The Experts Teach: Managing People
Expert Talk: Persistence and Perseverance
Big Picture Thinking
The Best Models for Managers (B to E)
Agile Teams - Improvement Tools and Exercises
HR Champions of Change
Conquering UK Employment Law – Termination
Micro Talk: Assertiveness
Your First 30 Days as a Leader
Expert Talk: Critical Thinking
Six Sigma
Expert Talk: GDPR
Audiobook: Basic Life Support
Coworker to Boss: Navigating New Dynamics
The Experts Teach: Change Management
How to Manage Performance
A Guide to ERP
Meetings, Selection & Appraisal Interviews
The New Normal
Expert Talk: HR & Leadership with Erika Enberg
Building an Effective Team
Strategic Thinking Skills for Managers
Expert Talk: Business Digitalization
Branding through Logos
Micro Talk: Appraising Performance
Expert Talk: Supply Chain
Strategic Workforce Management Made Easy
Managing Remotely
Expert Talk: Collaboration in the Sharing Economy
Strategic Financial Management
Company Valuation and Share Price
Expert Talk: Conflict Styles
Unleashing Blue Sky Thinking
Managing a Project Team
Managing Project Quality
Managing the Project Budget
The Perils of Social Media in the Workplace
Quality Management
Project Leadership - Step by Step
Excellence in Using the External Workforce
Wealth and Mental Health
How to Measure and Manage Productivity
First Time Manager
Micro Talk: Managing Meetings Effectively
Principles of strategic management
Expert Talk: Remote Work - Virtual Assistant
The Violence of the Customer Experience Economy
Critical Thinking in the Workplace
Motivation Skills
Performance Management
Managerial Authority and Responsibility
How to Communicate Like a Leader
Building Stronger Organizations
Expert Talk: Collaborate w/ Multiple Stakeholders
Micro Talk: Learning and Development Insights
Approaching Workplace Wellness
Plans of Duty of Care
HR Management Controls of Duty of Care
The Proactive Manager
Working with Uncertainty
The Myths and Realities of Teamwork
Keep Moving: Building an Effective Personal Brand
Expert Talk: Team Work
Expert Talk: Talent Management
Spotting Talent in Your Team
Virtual Availability as a Manager
Managing through Change
Millennial Leaders and Difficult Conversations
How to Manage Conflict between Team Members
Accomplish More by Doing Less
Micro Talk: Performance Management
Lean Six Sigma: Research and Practice
Business Ethics for Managers
The Power of Positive Psychology
Risk and Crisis Communication
Cash Management
A practical guide to creative problem solving
Understanding Personality Types
What is Performance Management?
Team Development
Micro Talk: Feedback Culture, Part 1
Micro Talk: Following Up On Appraisals
Corporate Valuation and Takeover: Exercises
Working Capital and Strategic Debtor Management
Working Capital and Debtor Management: Exercises
How to improve your company’s performance
Managing your SME more effectively Part II
How to Improve Your Production: Part II
Employee Engagement and Performance Management
Корпоративный милитаризм
The Experts Teach: Negotiating Skills
Project Management
In Focus: What is Your Company Culture Achieving?
Expert Talk: Collaboration in Innovation
Getting Back to the Office
Priming and Promoting a Creative Approach
Neurodiverse Superpowers Among Your Employees
Micro Talk: Understanding Cash and Capital, Part 3
Business Environment and Ethics
The Performance Management Journey
High Value, Low Cost Team Building Activities
A Guide to Management ‘Speak’
Bridge the Gen-Y Gap
The Basics of Business Management – Vol I
Lift off Agile teams - Team Transformation Process
Expert Talk: Innovation
Keep Moving: Thankful and Resilient Leadership
Choosing Your Next Project
The Art of Managing People
Counselling Skills
Delegation and Empowerment
Effective Discipline
Business Information Management
Expert Talk: Managing teams
Truth and interpretation in Social Science
Strategies for Leading a Hybrid Work Team
Leading Virtual Teams
Micro Talk: Introduction to Appraisals
Supply Chain Management
Expert Talk: Peer to Boss with Stephanie Tsing
Expert Talk: Life Coaching to New Horizons #4
How to Delegate and Empower Your Team Members
The Best Models for Managers (T to Y)
Project Management, An Adaptive Approach
Business Model Design
Expert Talk: Change Management
Productivity and Productive Efficiency
The Role of the Manager as a Worrier
Contract Lifecycle Management
Delegating Effectively
Creating a Futuristic Business Mission
Stress Interventions
On-the-Job Staff Development
Stress measurement in less than one minute
Expert Talk: Do you have a Winning Team?
Future Performance Measurements in the Age of AI
Supervisory Skills
Expert Talk: Organisational Strategy Management
Enterprise Risk Management
Expert Talk: Who’s going to Fly the Plane
What is Creativity & Why Does it Happen?
Managing Team Members
Expert Talk: Young Leadership with Katrin Jahns
Micro Talk: Workplace Bullying
Dealing with Conflict
What Can I Do to Motivate My Team?
Focus: How to Ignore Distractions & Get More Done
Urgent versus Important
Expert Talk: Ethics in Business
The 4 C's of Leadership
Leadership Styles Uncovered
Micro Talk: Building High Performing Teams, Part 1
Project Management State of Practice
Micro Talk: Delegation
Principles and Practice of Management
Happy Managers
Portfolio Theory & Financial Analyses
The Capital Asset Pricing Model
Company Valuation and Takeover
Working Capital Management
Strategic Debtor Management and Terms of Sale
Audiobook: Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Expert Talk: Resilience at Work
A Clear Mindset
Employee engagement
How to Make Gamification Work for You
Business Solutions with Decision Models
Expert Talk: Office Politics, Keep Calm & Carry On
Expert Talk: Life Coaching to New Horizons #3
Getting Back to the Office After the Lockdown
Managing digital risk
How to Give Feedback in a Virtual Setting
The Process of Delegation
IT Management
IT Management, Part II
The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Playbook
Expert Talk: Employee & Customer Experience
Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping
Managing the Project Schedule
Audiobook: Project Management Processes
Managing Project Risk
The Hybrid Team - New Capacities
Setting an Agenda
What is Active Listening?
How to Evaluate Performance
What is the PESTLE Analysis?
Career Change
Profit From Six Sigma
Governance Aspects of Duty of Care
Policies of Duty of Care
Improving Performance with Balanced Scorecard
SME Auditing Toolkit - Book 3
SME GDPR Daily Operations Manual
Leading From The Middle
Что каждый лидер должен знать
Management Control
Writing Non-Fiction Books
Managing for Quality in Higher Education
Numerical Analysis in HRM
Blended Learning
The Best Models for Managers (P to S)
The Basics of Business Management – Vol II
Business Theory and Practice
Public Sector Management
Keep Moving: Making Change Stick
Successful Leadership in the Hybrid Workplace
Business Strategy And Strategic Planning
Expert Talk: Success and Gender Equality
Expert Talk: Mediation Process and Principles
Administration Skills
Strong Working Relationships
Effective Business Continuity Management
Reinforcing your Sales Case
Expert Talk: Sport’s Not (Just) About the Ball!
Team Performance Unleashed!
Expert Talk: Productive Meetings
Expert Talk: The Golden Rules of Office Politics
Managerial Technology Evaluation
Expert Talk: Digital Inclusion
Making the Most of Big Data
Expert Talk: Creating a Collaboration Ecosystem
Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) and First Aid
Audiobook: Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset
How work Environment Impacts Productivity
Micro Talk: Building High Performing Teams, Part 2
Talent Retention
Moving from Manager to Leader
Training and Development
Expert Talk: Millwall Team Spirit
Leading Ambidextrous Organizations – Part 3
The Secret to Employee Motivation using HRM Ratios
Innovative Thinking and Creativity
Virtual Employee Recognition
The Experts Teach: Ethics at Work
Expert Talk: Make Better Decisions
Investigation Skills for Managers
Problem Solving Skills
Coaching for Performance
Management Briefs
When Does & How Does Creativity Happen?
Audiobook: Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Micro Talk: Reducing Waste in Processes
Handling Employee Complaints and Grievances
Micro Talk: Self-Management
Practical and Creative Problem Solving
Business Briefs
Psychologically Safe Workplaces: Utopia Revisited
Tough Decisions
Models for Managers
Planning in Management
The Alternative Business Model
Managing human resource learning for innovation
Expert Talk: Digitalization
Creating Team Excellence
Expert Talk: CRM the Easy Way
Management by Metaphors
Expert Talk: Key Elements of a Creative Climate
In Pursuit of World Class Excellence
Health insurance
Expert Talk: Propelled by Possibility
Transparency in the Workplace
Expert Talk: Talent, Technology and Business
Expert Talk: Talent Acquisition & Culture
Giving Feedback Virtually
Micro Talk: Understanding Cash and Capital, Part 1
Creative Problem Solving
How to Chair a Meeting
What are Appraisal Meetings?
The Hybrid Team - New Competencies
The Line Manager’s Role
Emotional Intelligence: Definition and Guide
The Top 5 Soft Skills of Project Management
Managing your Meeting Mortals
There's no "I" in TEAM
Portfolio Theory & Financial Analyses: Exercises
The World of Modigliani and Miller
Facilitation Skills
How to Build Trust and Respect in the Workplace
Flexible Leadership Styles
Money Doesn't Motivate
Workplace Wellness: Relationships and Resilience
GDPR and Travel Industry
Managing your SME more effectively Part I
Values Based Leadership in Business Innovation
Technical Services in Facility Management
Planning and Managing your Work Based Project
CSR: The Social Context of Management
Gamification in Business
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Effective Performance Reviews
Что лишает вашу компанию сил
Эмоциональный интеллект
Managing People
Purchasing and Stores Management
Expert Talk: People Management
Expert Talk: Office Politics - Change it
Micro Talk: Understanding Accountancy Documents
The 4 Main Leadership Styles
Expert Talk: Managing Change - The Launch
People Management & Interpersonal Skills
Keep Moving: Remote Management
The Basics of Business Models
Micro Talk: Leadership vs Management
Using Fast Thinking in Business
Being Manager, Leader and Coach
Technology evaluation for entrepreneurs
New Innovation Guidebook for Game Changers
Conflict, Discipline & Grievance
Micro Talk: Encouraging Change
Motivating Your team
Strategic Analysis of Supply Chain Design
In Focus: Predicting the Future
Performance Management
The “Managing You” Workbook
Managing Primary & Secondary Schools
Embedding Team Learning
Business Information Management: Exercises
Expert Talk: Digital Transformation
Managing Quality in The 21st Century
Corporate Governance and Risk Management
Organizational Culture and Leadership
Critical Thinking for Managers
Strategies of MNCs in the Digital Era
Introduction to Green Supply Chain Management
The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain Management
Service Management