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Are You the Manager You Thought You’d Be?

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The little book to help you navigate your way through the skills and attitude of being a manager. Learn how to improve your team and your career as well as reducing stress.
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Being a manager is great, but it is very different to being a team contributor. There is a whole load of new skills and attitudes to learn to get the very best from your team. Lots of the information in this book is obvious, but few of us have the brain capacity to consider them all when we are managing. Take a few minutes out to discover how you could turbo charge your team and career by making simple adjustments to what you already do. Learn to navigate your way around corporate world to be able to reach your potential and be the manager you would want to work for.

About the Author

Over the last 25 years, I have set up and grown businesses across multiple sectors; as well as lectured in business. This gives me a unique perspective on problems faced and learning styles. From personal experience, I know what makes a good business team. I also hold a 1st (Hons) degree in Business Management and MA in Education.

I am an Amazon No 1 Bestselling author with Building Your Property Business, but my biggest achievement to date is retiring to France to live our dream life at 53. My hobbies include writing; painting (acrylics and watercolours); sewing; and running with my dogs

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. What is Management?
    1. Defining Management
    2. Difference Between Being on the Team and Managing It
    3. Practical Tips
  2. Why, Vision and Meetings
    1. Figuring Out Why and The Vision
    2. Setting Up Team Meetings
    3. Having ‘Constructive’ Team Meetings
    4. Practical Tips
  3. Feedback is Difficult
    1. Giving Feedback to Your Team
    2. Focus on Strengths Not Weaknesses
    3. Practical Tips
  4. Getting Commitment
    1. Delegation
    2. Getting Commitment
    3. Avoid Micro-Managing
    4. Practical Tips
  5. The M Word
    1. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
    2. A Combination is Best
    3. Control the Controllables
    4. Practical Tips
  6. Discussions and Tensions
    1. Better Discussions = Better Decisions
    2. Reasons for Team Tensions
    3. Different Kinds of Tension
    4. Practical Tips
  7. Managing Up as Well as Down
    1. Managing Up
    2. Putting Your Teams Needs First
    3. Practical Tips
  • Conclusion
  • References
About the Author

Beverley Lockett