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Who, What When, Where, Why, With Whom. And the Critical How

28m 35s
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Manning & Schooler have managed more projects to success than most. Multi-million dollars projects; numerous critical to small and medium sized businesses; relevant passion projects. An absolute must!
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Tools you need: clear goals, planning, setting & articulating expectations, ongoing evaluation of those, execution-the path to successful meeting of goals, methodologies, use of resources, human and otherwise, budgeting, logistics, progress & performance analytics, tracking. After you fulfill your obligations/intended deliverables, your project is never closed. It is organic! Manning & Schooler get into the common methodologies and why you want to, need to, must do or absolutely not do that: waterfall, agile, lean and Prince2. And Manning’s hybrid, Manning-organic. And much about your people.

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Nat Schooler


Steven J. Manning