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Lead Technical Teams as a Non-technical Leader

Four Key Tips and Focus Areas

13m 10s
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Workflow expert, Luke Pivac discusses how non-technical leaders can lead technical teams by collaboration, focused outcomes, effective communication and leveraging their strengths.
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Have you ever wondered how to lead technical teams as a non-technical leader?

Do you struggle keeping up with the latest technical jargon? Or feel intimidated by the complexity, and the expectations of your role? Fear not, in this Bookboon expert talk, workflow expert, Luke Pivac shares tips on how to lead technical teams as a non-technical leader.

These include:

  1. Focusing on the outcomes and not the details.
  2. By learning the basics, you don't need to be the expert, you have a whole team for that.
  3. Communicate effectively and frequently.
  4. Leverage your strengths and delegate any weaknesses.
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