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Lead with Style

Strategies to Expand Your Leadership Impact

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Great leaders vary their style for business success. But leaders who are rigid in approach fail to motivate staff for ongoing change. Use this style toolkit to expand your range for better results.
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Great leaders inspire people to perform at their best. But a leader who is rigid in their approach often fails when the business context changes. Adept leaders know when to vary their style to motivate staff through uncertain situations. This book is an expert guide to expand your style tools and experiment with a fresh approach. Each chapter offers company examples and scientific studies to stretch your leadership skills. Apply practical exercises and industry top tips to develop your repertoire. Lead with more style for superior impact.

About the Author

Margaret Mackay is a recognised expert in leadership development. A university professor, Margaret brings international experience to her business insights. An award-winning author, she has published widely with popular books on Virtual Team Power and Talent Retention. Margaret is passionate about improving management skills and runs executive workshops on leadership impact.

  • About the Author
  1. Great leaders vary their style
    1. Overview
    2. Why style matters in leadership
    3. Spot a leader change style to fit the situation
    4. The business case for flexibility
    5. Expand your range with three styles
    6. Recap: Develop your leadership style toolkit
  2. Lead like a Commander
    1. What is authoritative leadership?
    2. Command the action: mission command model
    3. How to act as a commander leader
    4. Review exercise
    5. The business case for authoritative leadership
    6. Recap: Lead by commanding
  3. Lead like a Conductor
    1. What is participative leadership?
    2. Path-goal model for high performance
    3. How to act as a conductor leader
    4. Review exercise
    5. The business case for participative leadership
    6. Recap: Lead by conducting
  4. Lead like a Coach
    1. What is a coaching leader?
    2. Coach for collective success: shared leadership
    3. How to act as a coaching leader
    4. Review exercise
    5. The business case for coaching style leadership
    6. Recap: Lead by coaching
  5. Flex your leadership style
    1. Navigate uncertainty: situational leadership
    2. Review exercise
    3. The business driver for versatile leaders
    4. Emulate memorable business leaders
    5. Champion better leadership
    6. Recap. Lead with more style
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Margaret Mackay