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Supervisory Skills

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This book provides an insight into the role of a supervisor.
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In modern business organizations the forces of change are constantly at work. The size, strategy, structure, and motivation of employees underline the need for a creative touch in successfully piloting their affairs. Modern technology, new ideas and new products appear day after day in order to cater to the changing trends of consumer tastes and needs. The seemingly endless competitive drive to sustain existing markets and capture new ones necessitates an extremely careful handling of refined consumer requirements. It is the efficiency of the supervision system and supervisory skills that regulate productive activities through the coordinated use of material and human resources. This book provides an insight into the role of a supervisor.

  1. Meaning and scope of supervision
    1. Introduction
    2. Scope of a supervisor
    3. Who is a supervisor?
    4. Different supervisory skills
  2. Supervisory functions
    1. Planning
    2. Organizing
    3. Coordinating
    4. Directing
    5. Motivating
    6. Controlling
  3. Supervisory responsibilities
    1. To higher management
    2. To employees
    3. Responsibilities to co-workers (other supervisors)
  4. Managerial attributes and skills
    1. Managerial attributes
    2. Managerial skills
  5. Roles of a supervisor
    1. As a manager
    2. As a leader
    3. As a decision maker
  6. Supervisory activities
    1. Managing workplace diversity
    2. Communicating effectively
    3. Developing job expectations
    4. Employee training and development
    5. Delegating
    6. Employee counseling and disciplining
    7. Evaluating performance
    8. Health and safety
  7. References
  8. The Author
About the Author

Manmohan Joshi