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HR Champions of Change

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Practical advice for HR practitioners and managers on developing and implementing effective organisational changes to secure long-term benefits and to meet employees’ needs.
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Organisations need to adapt and change at an ever-faster pace. Even in an environment of automation, successful change relies on people to deliver it. Change is disruptive but effective HR solutions can ease the process. This book considers how HR can effectively support and facilitate change, rather than be an obstacle to leaders’ ambitions. We take the reader through the stages of the change cycle, consider common change theories and methodology as well as the role of different contributors, placing emphasis on the safe and the long-term sustainable achievement of meaningful changes.

About the author

This book has been written by Bernard Nawrat and Jill Seymour. Between us we have over 60 years’ experience in human resources management. Since starting our consultancy at the end of year 2015 we have continued to support public-sector employers, as well working with Bookboon on a series of e books on HR issues. Our approach is to offer practical and common-sense solutions for HR colleagues and line managers, based on best practice.

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  1. Up for the challenge
    1. Reasons to change
    2. Understand the change requirement
    3. Appreciate the timescales
    4. Costs
    5. Time to reflect
  2. Players and change teams
    1. Senior management
    2. Change management team
    3. Human resources
    4. Middle managers
    5. Trade unions
    6. Time to reflect
  3. Change theories
    1. Change theories
    2. Project management
    3. Employment law and HR policies
    4. Time to reflect
  4. Communications
    1. Understand the words
    2. The audience
    3. Communication plan and methods
    4. Manage communication problems
    5. Time to reflect
  5. Implementing changes
    1. Policy and procedure
    2. Right people right job
    3. Redundancies
    4. TUPE
    5. Time to reflect
  6. Embedding changes
    1. Supporting survivors
    2. Promoting the changes
    3. Training
    4. Doing things differently
    5. Learning from mistakes
    6. Time to reflect
  7. Evaluation and review
    1. Who to involve
    2. Impact of changes
    3. Success of the change process
    4. When is the next review
    5. Time to reflect
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About the Author

Jill Seymour & Bernard Nawrat