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Blended Learning

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Explore the advantages of choosing a blended learning approach to training and how to introduce it for the maximum benefit of both your organisation and your learners.
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The challenge today is to maximize dwindling training budgets whilst providing effective and consistent learning events on a global scale. Blended learning can meet these challenges but its presence is still relatively small. Often HR and L&D professionals, confused by the plethora of learning technology which exists today, don’t know where to start so do little or nothing and stay with an instructor led model. The purpose of this book is to remove confusion and instill clarity so that HR and L& D professionals have the tools and the motivation to try out blended learning in their workplaces.

About the author

Kate Cobb, Director of The Learning Design Studio, has 30 years’ experience working internationally on L&D projects. She is a passionate advocate of blended learning and helps global corporate clients and training companies develop appropriate responses to learning challenges using blended learning. She designs tailored programmes to meet business needs incorporating technology enabled methodology.

  1. About The Author
  2. Introduction
  3. Words, Words, Words! 
    1. What is blended learning? Achieving a workable definition 
  4. Why does blended learning work? 
    1. What neuroscience tells us about how people learn 
  5. The drivers of blended learning in the corporate setting 
    1. In what circumstances is blended learning used? 
    2. The business case 
  6. Learner-led learning 
    1. The impact of the internet on learning 
    2. Importance of content curation 
  7. How to introduce blended learning in a corporate setting 
    1. Costs of the learner’s time 
    2. Your company culture 
  8. How do you get a blend? 
    1. The blended learning process 
    2. Added value 
  9. A multistage framework for introducing blended learning 
    1. How to apply the framework for blended learning to existing programmes 
  10. Technology Explored 
    1. Learning objectives before learning technology 
    2. What technology? 
  11. Return On Investment 
    1. The evaluation challenge 
    2.  It’s not just about Kirkpatrick and happy sheets 
  12. Conclusion 
  13. Bibliography/References 
About the Author

Kate Cobb