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Turning Potential into Capabilities

Path to Achieve Goals and Management Insights on Potential

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Employees and managers gain insight on how companies define potential and coaching to create goals. Personal and company goals can align for success turning potential into concrete capabilities.
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Turning Potential into Capabilities aids employees and managers in identifying focus areas to increase expertise. All our lives parents and teachers have told us to reach our potential. What is potential and why should we care about it? Personal and professional goals can align for mutual success turning potential into concrete capabilities. You will gain insight into how companies and senior management define performance and potential along with ways to create and discuss your own development to attain your goals.

About the Author

Maureen Clang is the founder of MaxAbility Consulting LLC coaching leaders and consulting with companies. She has over 20 years of experience as an executive coach and consultant in leadership development at Fortune 500 companies for leaders at all levels. She created a leadership development function for a Fortune 500 company, coaching over 40 leaders in two high potential programs. She was a selected speaker at the Corporate Leadership Council, Elliott Masie's Learning Conference, and Harvard Business Publishing Partners Annual Meeting. She loves to swim, walk, and spend time with family.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. What is Potential?
    1. Understanding Your Potential and the Potential of Others
    2. Are You Ready to Develop Your Potential?
    3. Tips for Maximizing Potential
  2. Realistic Goals for Success
    1. Adding or Changing a Behavior
    2. Begin at The End
    3. Best Practice – Define Success and Work Backwards
    4. Ambitions and Dreams
    5. Tips for Maximizing Potential
  3. Development Areas are Unique
    1. Developing or Reducing a Strength
    2. Working on a Focus Area
    3. Discover Your Areas of Aspiration and Potential
    4. Tips for Maximizing Potential
  4. Create Plans to Increase Your Potential
    1. Goal Creation Flow for Measurable Success
    2. Sample Goal—Increasing a Strength
    3. Try Out Your Learning
    4. Tips for Maximizing Potential
  5. How Management & Human Resources May Look at Potential
    1. Management and HR Definitions of Potential
    2. Additional Considerations on Potential and Job Movement
    3. Your Role in Potential
    4. Tips for Maximizing Potential
  6. Broad Skills Companies Value & High Potentials
    1. Skills Companies Desire
    2. High Potential Employees
    3. Rationale for Identifying High Potentials & Conducting Talent Reviews
    4. Tips for Maximizing Potential
  7. Support for Your Growth
    1. Defining Support
    2. Support Roles and Development Requests
    3. Communicating and Resetting Perceptions
    4. Tips for Maximizing Potential
  8. Full Circle
    1. Reflect Back to Move Ahead to Maximize Potential
  • Table of Figures
  • Endnotes

Understand methods for recognizing and growing your personal and professional potential.

Utilize strategies to set achievable goals and track progress.

Recognize the value of a growth mindset in pursuing self-development goals.

Great, quick read! Helpful in many aspects. I specifically enjoyed the call out of Enduring Skill sets. Enjoy!
FIVE STARS!! Leadership development expert Maureen Clang enlightens readers on steps to turn potential into actuality; and shares insights about Growth Mindset and moving ahead in the corporate world.
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About the Author

Maureen Clang