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Giving Feedback Virtually

Initiate High Quality Feedback Conversations with Your Team

16m 16s
Language:  English
High quality feedback conversations drive performance. However, these conversations are challenging to have, especially virtually. Learn how to overcome this and share feedback in an effective way.
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Feedback – both constructive and positive - shared regularly and effectively across a team has the potential to significantly increase performance. However, sharing feedback, particularly constructive feedback is challenging and is made even more so now we are working virtually. In this talk, learn what it takes to have high quality feedback conversations in a virtual setting: how to prioritize it, how to ensure your feedback is specific and how to make it a 2 way conversation.

About the author

Clare Fitzsimmons is an organisational change and leadership development expert with a wealth of experience working with global companies to strengthen leadership capability and build high performing teams.She is passionate about facilitating behavioural change that enables individuals, teams and organisations to reach their true potential. Topics Clare works extensively on include: Thriving in Change, Coaching & Feedback, Virtual Teaming and Building Diverse & Inclusive Cultures.

About the Author

Clare Fitzsimmons