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Manual for Sport Management

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This book begins with an introduction to sport management, explaining the scope of sport management as well as the sport manager’s responsibilities.
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This book begins with an introduction to sport management, explaining the scope of sport management as well as the sport manager’s responsibilities. The sport business environment, internal and external, is discussed in detail. Each of the four management functions, planning, organizing, leading and control are explained as well as leadership styles such as autocratic leaders, democratic leaders, participative leaders and laissez-fair leaders. Management roles, skills, levels and types of power are dealt with and give an understanding of what types of managers you get in a sport club. The section about finance management gives the reader an inside look of sources of funds, developing an sponsorship, budgeting and accounting and explains how to compile a income statement and balance sheet. This will help the reader to conduct his club’s own finances. Risk management is a further aspect addressed in this book and discuss aspects such as the risk management process, how to make activities in your sport club safer, supervision guidelines and managing specific risks. The reader can apply this information in his sport club to function safer and without legal consequences. Furthermore, in this book is a broad discussion on conflict in sport clubs. Explanations of types of conflict and conflict styles are presented as well as Pondy’s five-stage model of conflict. This information will give the reader an understanding on how to handle different types of conflict in his or her sport club. Lastly ethics in sport management is discussed. Basic ethical concepts in sport club management are explained as well as ethical concepts such as values, principles, action and morality. The reader will also develop an understanding on how to manage employee ethics as well as guidelines for ethical behavior.

  1. Introduction to sport management
    1. Introduction
    2. The scope of sport management
    3. Sport manager’s responsibilities
    4. The sport business environment
  2. Management Functions
    1. Introduction
    2. Management functions
  3. What Does It Take To Be A Successful Manager?
    1. Introduction
    2. Management roles
    3. Management skills
    4. Management levels
    5. Power
  4. Finance Management
    1. Introduction
    2. Sources of funds
    3. Budgeting
    4. Accounting
  5. Risk Management
    1. Introduction
    2. What is risk and risk management
    3. Risk management process
    4. Duties regarding risk prevention
    5. How to make the activities at your club safer
    6. Supervision guidelines
    7. Managing specific risks
  6. Decision Making
    1. Introduction
    2. Types of decisions
    3. Decision making conditions
    4. The decision making process
    5. Techniques for improving group decision making
  7. Conflict in Sport Clubs
    1. Introduction
    2. What is conflict?
    3. Functional and dysfunctional conflict
    4. Types of conflict
    5. The conflict process
    6. Managing conflict
  8. Ethics in Sport Management
    1. Introduction
    2. Basic ethical concepts in sport club management
    3. Moral development
    4. Ethical theories
    5. Guidelines for ethical behavior
    6. Managing employee ethics
  9. References
Thanks a lot, this book is very helpful to me.
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About the Author

E. Eksteen

The author is a lecturer at the North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus in South Africa. She has an honours degree in Sports Management and Recreation and completed her MBA in 2011. Currently she is in her final year of her Doctorate in Sports Management. The modules she teaches at the University are Sports Management, Sports Administration, Sports Commercialization and Sports Law as well as Field Hockey. She got her management experience from managing a Hockey Academy at the same University for almost nine years.