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Leading Virtual Teams

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To engage and motivate virtual teams to get successful results, we need to have new skillsets to create new mindsets. Learn how to successfully lead remote teams in this ‘new normal’ world of work.
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The ‘new normal’ way of working requires us to be agile and adaptable when leading our virtual teams. For some, it’s unchartered territory and will require a new mindset and new skills. For others, it’s a time for recalibrating their connections with their team members who work remotely.By reading this eBook, you will

  • Find new ways to engage and motivate your remote teams,
  • Utilize technology to communicate effectively
  • Build closer relationships with virtual team members
  • Establish new norms in running your business profitably
Create awareness for what is required in this ‘new normal’.

About the Author

Since 2001 we have delivered training in over 23 different countries to over 7,500 organisations in hundreds of different industries and have helped to develop over 200,000 staff.Face to face, blended or online – we provide a wide range of management, leadership development and sales effectiveness programmes that will enable your staff to maximise their potential by gaining or refining their skills.We believe that training should be fun, highly interactive and provide “real world” practical techniques and methods that you can use back in the office – and that’s exactly what we provide.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Going Virtual
    1. What Is a Virtual Team?
    2. Leading at a Distance – What Does it Mean?
    3. What are the Challenges You Face as a Remote Leader?
    4. Why Virtual Leadership is a pre-requisite now
  2. The Role of The Virtual Leader
    1. Understanding what your Virtual Teams need
    2. Building Trust and Collaboration
    3. Seven Key Skills needed by a Virtual Leader
    4. The Difference between leading Virtually and Face-to-Face
    5. A Virtual Leadership Audit
  3. Making The Most Of Technology
    1. What does your team need?
    2. What’s out there and how can you use it?
    3. The new technologies and its impact on virtual teams
    4. How to humanize technology with virtual teams
  4. Engaging & Communicating With Your Team
    1. What does success look like?
    2. Selecting the right communication channel
    3. Leading through time zones, cultural and linguistic challenges
    4. Various communication methods and when to use them
    5. Synchronous v Asynchronous Messaging
    6. Email best practices
    7. Telephone call and conference tips
    8. Video meeting best practices
  5. Building & Engaging The Team
    1. Creating a shared vision and objectives for your virtual team
    2. Setting expectations together
    3. Designing the team to achieve success
    4. Sharing successes in a virtual world
    5. How to engage remote team members
  6. Developing Your Virtual Teams
    1. How to coach at a distance
    2. How to run a training webinar for your team
    3. Providing frequent feedback
  7. Leading Performance
    1. How to create development plans
    2. Checking in and not checking up
    3. Making performance visible and transparent
    4. Focusing on outcomes and not just on activity
    5. Dealing with performance issues remotely
  8. Conclusion
  9. References
About the Author

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