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The Secret to Employee Motivation using HRM Ratios

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If you’re wondering why the variety of motivation theories available can’t solve industrial disputes, learn how human happiness can be measured, manipulated and adapted to every situation.
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Despite the growth in technology we have seen, the world will always need human capital in its operations, underscoring the need to keep workers motivated all the time. What makes it complicated is the dynamic nature of humans; we have seen how previously held motivation theories seem to have lost track of time and are becoming increasingly outdated every day. This work seeks to depart from the Scientific Management theories that assumed humans behave in defined set standards and reactions by measuring the actual levels of motivation and adjusting them in line with their impact on production in order to achieve the optimum amount of motivation.

About the author

Mqondisi Bhebhe is an academic, a Management graduate and publishing author in various disciplines, but with more emphasis on Academic Writing skills and Business/Economics areas. He has been, and is still, teaching at tertiary level and enjoys sharing knowledge and experience with readers from all over the world. This is the second of the 5 coming editions of the "simplified" series, with the first one already published being the Human Resource Management Solutions Textbook and a few other projects on the pipeline, all aiming to make studying easier for you. This guide is not intended to replace/supersede any existing academic writing guides as preferred by individual institutions but it will certainly give you all the basic understanding on what is required in many academic assignments. Please enjoy this work and look out for the other volumes to hit your shelves soon. Happy studying!

  1. The background and history of motivation
    1. Motivation Definition:
    2. Why should we care? The importance of motivation in our lives:
    3. Qualities of a proper Motivation system:
    4. Main Motivational theories:
    5. Limitations
  2. Are financial resources the biggest motivator in the workplace?
    1. Background
    2. Types of financial rewards
  3. Why many believe financial rewards are the best motivator:
    1. Limitations of Financial motivation:
  4. Are non-financial resources the biggest motivator in the workplace?
    1. History of Nonfinancial Motivation
    2. Types of non-financial rewards
    3. Limitations: why nonfinancial rewards are not enough:
    4. Conclusion:
  5. Is the combination of both financial and non-financial resources the answer?
    1. Chapter objectives:
    2. Steps to finding proper amounts of motivating factors:
    3. Worked example
    4. Implications on previous research
    5. Conclusion
    6. Policy implications of the results
    7. Strengths of the study:
    8. Limitations of the study:
  6. Action plan/implementation
    1. Question one:
    2. Question 2:
  7. End product
    1. Reporting procedures:
    2. Required tools:
    3. Sample Additional notes:
    4. In summary, middle management must report on:
    5. Analysing the EMI index:
  8. Conclusion
    1. Real-life example
  • Appendices
  • References
Awesome; it helped me with my thesis at graduate level; a must read.
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Mqondisi Bhebhe