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Managing Successful Innovations

Managing Successful Innovations
4.5 (18 reviews) Read reviews
ISBN: 978-87-403-1746-6
2 edition
Pages : 160
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  • Price: 75.50 kr

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Ahmed Hussen ★★★★★

An interesting one to understand the management of innovation.


The book “Managing the Process of Innovation” is a compendium of all that you need to know about innovation management. It covers a complex topic in a remarkably simple fashion. The language is lucid and easy to relate to. There are cases that have been used to trigger your analytical thinking abilities and examples of companies that hit the jack pot by their constant endeavor to grow their business through innovation.


  1. Innovation management – an introduction 
    1. Learning objectives 
    2. Introduction 
    3. The fundamental questions of innovation 
    4. Innovation ecosystems 
    5. How you innovate determines what you innovate 
    6. Globalization of the innovation process: a reference model 
    7. Macroeconomic view of innovation approaches 
    8. Assumptions and barriers to innovations 
    9. Assumptions about innovations 
    10. Other assumptions about innovations 
    11. External barriers to innovations 
    12. Internal barriers to innovations 
    13. Innovation sources – i.escience & R&D, technology transfer, push and pull approaches 
    14. Processes used to explore innovations along the technology, market and strategy dimensions as innovation moves from idea to market 
    15. References 
  2. Innovation strategy 
    1. Learning objectives 
    2. Why do we need an innovation strategy? 
    3. Strategic considerations on innovations 
    4. Market dynamics 
    5. Market opportunity 
    6. Market impact 
    7. Competitive environment 
    8. End-to-end strategic innovation process 
    9. Steps for managing strategic aspects of innovation 
    10. Questions that a business should be asking 
    11. How can innovation create value? 
    12. Is innovation always about technology? 
    13. References 
  3. Application of innovation 
    1. Learning objectives 
    2. Organizational aspects of innovation 
    3. Creative approaches 
    4. Systemic and analytical methods and techniques of innovation management 
    5. Innovation funnel 
    6. Hidden needs analysis 
    7. The new product development/new service development process 
    8. Economic aspects of innovation 
    9. Classification of innovation 
    10. Keys to innovation management 
    11. Innovation portfolio management 
    12. Formalization of innovation process 
    13. References 
  4. Innovation platforms 
    1. Learning objectives 
    2. Disruptive innovation versus incremental innovation 
    3. Innovation platforms that incorporate new product development 
    4. Internal factors that lead to success of innovation efforts 
    5. How is the process of creating innovation platforms different? 
    6. Advantages of innovation platforms 
    7. Case: Apple’s innovation platform 
    8. Case: DSM’s efforts to create innovation platforms 
    9. Case: Haier: exploiting strategic potential 
    10. References 
  5. Process innovations 
    1. Learning objectives 
    2. Support for process innovations 
    3. How can process innovations become more effective? 
  6. Service innovations 
    1. Learning objectives 
    2. Service innovation elements 
    3. Definition of service innovation 
    4. What is so unique about service innovations 
    5. Types of service innovation 
    6. Areas of innovation – Den Hertog’s model 
    7. Product and service innovation – need for innovation strategy 
    8. Success of innovation depends on: 
    9. Three imperatives for service innovation 
    10. Product strategies 
    11. Steps in service innovation process 
    12. Service design innovation 
    13. The new service development cycle 
    14. Technology portfolio 
    15. Multiple product options, portfolios and standards 
    16. Portfolio selection models 
    17. Portfolios and standards 
    18. Service and technology 
    19. New service strategy matrix 
    20. Service blueprinting 
    21. Steps in service blueprinting 
    22. Benefits of service blueprinting 
    23. The service concept 
    24. Open innovation 
    25. What is open innovation? 
    26. Failure of new products 
    27. Important steps in the new product development process 
    28. Service design planning model 
    29. References 
  7. Evaluation of innovation 
    1. Learning objectives 
    2. Effectiveness evaluation 
    3. Integration of risks 
    4. How to address risk in innovation? 
    5. Assessing integration risks: who has to adopt the solution before the customer can? 
    6. Factors influencing economic effectiveness 
    7. Post implementation analysis of innovation projects 
    8. The PIR process 
    9. When to review 
    10. What to review 
    11. Key points 
    12. References 
  8. Innovation & intellectual property rights 
    1. Intellectual property of innovations 
    2. Role of intellectual property in innovation and new product development marketing and innovation 
    3. Intellectual property, inventions and innovations 
    4. Role of IP in innovation 
    5. Legal aspects of innovations 
    6. Organizational benefits of innovation 
  9. Developing an innovation mindset 
    1. Learning objectives 
    2. Docherty’s innovation mindset adoption curve 
    3. Frequencies 
    4. Deep thinking 
    5. Redefine impact 
    6. Understand the many forms of impact 
    7. Points to remember 
    8. How can companies encourage an innovative mindset? 
    9. Case-lets: 
    10. Challenges for the leadership 
    11. Problems with innovations 
    12. The key principles of an innovation mindset 
    13. Out of box approach 
    14. Mistakes made by leaders 
    15. Points to note: 
    16. What do we mean by ‘thinking outside the box’? 
    17. Why should we think outside the box? 
  10. Creativity & lateral thinking 
    1. Learning objectives 
    2. Creativity 
    3. Creative environment 
    4. What are the characteristics of creative people? 
    5. Innovation for problem solving 
    6. Lateral thinking 
    7. Differences between lateral thinking and logical thinking 
    8. Problem solving using innovation 
    9. Creative problem solving 
    10. References 
  11. Gandhian innovation 
    1. Introduction 
  12. Jugaad innovation 
    1. Jugaad innovation – an agenda for the MNCs 
  13. Reverse innovation 
    1. Reverse innovation: a strategy for the future? 
    2. Reference 
  14. Role and relevance of R&D in an organisation’s growth 
  15. The innovation specialist 

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