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This book is based on the experiences of a large number of successful IT managers.
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This book is based on the experiences of a large number of successful IT managers. And the truth is, the most important skills are the people skills you will need to be successful. If you are expecting large models and great analysis, you may be a bit disappointed, but bear with us. The skills that will make the biggest difference to your success are the ones we describe here.

  1. The secret to good IT management
  2. What makes a successful IT manager?
    1. Emotional intelligence
    2. IT management styles
    3. Successful CIO behaviours
    4. Where successful IT managers spend their time
    5. Changing your time profile
    6. Make your changes count
  3. Team Leadership
    1. Recruit good people
    2. IT organization
    3. Create harmony
    4. Creating a balance of skills
    5. Set direction and objectives
    6. Create good working conditions
    7. Developing skills
    8. Managing performance
    9. Reward & recognition
  4. Business relationship management
    1. Building rapport & credibility
    2. Understanding client priorities
    3. Handling objections & gaining commitment
  5. Working with senior execs - Networking & politics
    1. Networking in general
    2. Some facts of life before you start
    3. Building your network
    4. Be influential
    5. When influence turns to power and politics
    6. Do’s and don’ts for managing senior execs
  6. In conclusion
    1. Leadership opportunities
    2. And finally
    3. About the author
About the Author

David McKean