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The Power of Positive Psychology

A New Paradigm of Team Leadership

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This book provides team leaders with an overview of the pillars of Positive Psychology and how these can be successfully implemented in the workplace to create an organisation of choice.
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Team leaders' roles have changed in the post-pandemic world as their teams have been physically separated, individuals may have experienced their own trauma and many people have taken the opportunity to re-evaluate their careers and lives more widely. Positive Psychology offers the solution here by drawing on the strengths of each individual and putting individual and organisational wellbeing at the heart of the agenda. This is backed by science and was first introduced as a domain of psychology in 1998, so this is a million miles away from a fad or the latest hot topic.

About the Author

Helen Norbury helps ambitious women have the confidence to alchemise their trauma into a purpose-led business, so that they can live with passion and lead a powerful legacy. Helen brings a fusion of trauma healing, legacy creation and leadership embodiment to the world, so you ultimately benefit from life, leadership and self-mastery.She is a thought leader in the field of Business Leadership and Improvement and in her career has worked on a number of high-profile, hugely successful business transformation initiatives in many diverse organisations.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. The history of positive psychology
  2. Why a new paradigm is needed
  3. Pillar one: Nurturing positive emotions
  4. Pillar two: Building engagement
  5. Pillar three: Investing in relationships
  6. Pillar four: Cultivating meaning
  7. Pillar five: Growing accomplishments
  8. Pillar six: Maintaining your health
  9. Applying positive psychology in the workplace
  • References
About the Author

Helen Norbury