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Understanding Personality Types

Managing people through their personality traits

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After reading this eBook, you will have the means to totally change the way you manage others.
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After reading this eBook, you will have the means to totally change the way you manage others. You’ll be able to recognize the personality types of others, accept them, work with them and develop them. And then, with practice, you can hit the heights of greatness. Take a look!

Not so long ago, the Gallup organization commissioned a research project to find out what makes a great manager. Over 8000 managers were interviewed worldwide. When the answers were analysed, there was one clear difference between good managers and great ones. The great ones understand and work with their staff. They know what makes them tick. They understand their wiring. They can differentiate their strengths and weaknesses. They understand and accept their personalities.

In this book, we’ll help you join the ranks of these outstanding managers by giving you an understanding of why personalities are important in managing people. We’ll introduce you to one of the oldest and most authentic personality typologies in the world, the Enneagram. We’ll show you why the people in your team at work behave the way they do, why people have “personality clashes” that can seriously disrupt the flow of work, and what you can do about it. When you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll have the means to totally change the way you manage others. You’ll be able to recognize the personality types of others, accept them, work with them and develop them. And then, with practice, you too can hit the heights of greatness.

  1. Personality Typologies
    1. Removing the Guesswork
    2. The Unique Us
    3. Managing People
    4. Great Managers
    5. Personality Typologies
    6. Reds, Greens, and Blues
    7. The Enneagram
  2. The Enneagram
    1. Enneagram, Old and New
    2. The Basic Model
    3. The Dinner Party
    4. Widths and Depths
    5. Applications at Work
    6. Limitations
    7. Principles
  3. 1’s, the Need to be Perfect
    1. Ones are Perfectionists
    2. A Summary of Ones
    3. How to Recognise a One
    4. The One at Work
    5. The One-type Organisation
    6. Noteworthy Ones
    7. ”Strict Rules and High Morale”
  4. 2’s, the Need to be Needed
    1. Twos are Helpers
    2. A Summary of Twos
    3. How to Recognise a Two
    4. The Two at Work
    5. The Two-type Organisation
    6. Noteworthy Two’s
    7. “Sex and love are Permanently Fascinating”
  5. 3’s, the Need to Succeed
    1. Threes are Achievers
    2. A Summary of Threes
    3. How to Recognise a Three
    4. The Three at Work
    5. The Three-type Organisation
    6. Noteworthy Threes
    7. ”I Wanted So Much to Win”
  6. 4’s, the Need to be Special
    1. Fours are Romantics
    2. A Summary of Fours
    3. How to Recognise a Four
    4. The Four at Work
    5. The Four-type Organisation
    6. Noteworthy Fours
    7. ”Riding the Highs and Lows”
  7. 5’s, the Need to Perceive
    1. Fives are Watchers
    2. A Summary of Fives
    3. How to Recognise a Five
    4. The Five at Work
    5. The Five Organisation
    6. Noteworthy Fives
    7. ”Nothing Escapes Me”
  8. 6’s, the Need to be Safe
    1. Sixes are Doubters
    2. A Summary of Sixes
    3. How to Recognise a Six
    4. The Six at Work
    5. The Six Organisation
    6. Noteworthy Sixes
    7. ”I’m Not the Most Secure Person”
  9. 7’s, the Need to be Happy
    1. Sevens are Performers
    2. A Summary of Sevens
    3. How to Recognise a Seven
    4. The Seven at Work
    5. The Seven-type Organisation
    6. Noteworthy Sevens
    7. ”A Chameleon on a Patchwork Quilt”
  10. 8’s, the Need to be Strong
    1. Eights are Rebels
    2. A Summary of Eights
    3. How to Recognise an Eight
    4. The Eight at Work
    5. The Eight-type Organisation
    6. Noteworthy Eights
    7. ”I Like to De-stabilise
  11. 9’s, the Need to be at Peace
    1. Nines are Peacemakers
    2. A Summary of Nines
    3. How to Recognise a Nine
    4. The Nine at Work
    5. The Nine-style Organisation
    6. Noteworthy Nines
    7. ”A Bit of Work, then Get Home and See the Family”
  12. Managing Personalities
    1. What the Enneagram Can Teach Us
    2. Predicting Performance
    3. Understanding the Roles People Play
    4. Paths to Growth or Stagnation
    5. Towards Wholeness
    6. Towards Alienation
    7. The Enneagram Prizes
  13. Web Resources on Understanding Personality Types
Very interesting and enjoyable book to read
I really really love this book! It's one that you can learn something easily and you will enjoy how the author intelligently describes the ideas.
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