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The “Managing You” Workbook

100 worksheets to help you grow your unique talents

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In “The “Managing You” Workbook”, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the most valuable resource in your life: You.
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In “The “Managing You” Workbook”, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the most valuable resource in your life: You. When you peel back the layers of who you are, - your talents, strengths, loves, and passions, - you are on the road to success in both your personal and professional life. Whether you are making choices in your career or social life, this workbook will become your indispensable coach and guide. There is no more important journey that you could ever take.

In this workbook, you’ll find 100 worksheets that will help you discover and develop the most valuable resource in your life: You. Under 7 headings, we’ll take you on a journey of self-discovery and help you to develop the following areas of your life: your self-confidence; your communications skills; your time management; your leadership potential; your ability to cope under pressure; your creativity; and your motivation to learn and grow. If you are viewing this workbook as a digital resource, you should print out the workbook and fill it in on paper. Now start the voyage of a lifetime and discover who you are and who you can become.

  1. The Real You
    1. This is Me
    2. How Confident Are You?
    3. I Feel Confident
    4. The Things I Say to Myself
    5. Applications Of Assertiveness
    6. An Assertive Sequence
    7. My Assertive Rights
    8. Both…And Responses
    9. Under Pressure
    10. I Am, I Will, I Can
    11. Assertive Role Models
    12. How Assertive and Confident am I?
  2. How Well Do You Work With Others?
    1. How Good a Communicator Are You?
    2. Breakdowns in Communications
    3. Acts Of Communication
    4. Winning and Losing
    5. Communications Values
    6. My Communications Network
    7. Who I Talk To
    8. Meetings
    9. Self-fulfilling Prophecies
    10. How Good a Communicator am I?
  3. How Well Do You Manage Your Time?
    1. Managing Your Time
    2. The Time Log
    3. A Week in My Life
    4. A Day in My Life
    5. Time Robbers
    6. Start-Of-The-Week Chart
    7. Tomorrow’s Jobs
  4. Routine Work
    1. Progress Work
    2. Non-Doing Work
    3. My Daily Energy Graph
    4. Time With Others
    5. The Interruption Log
    6. How Well Do I Manage My Time?
  5. Can You Lead Yourself and Others?
    1. How Good a Leader Are You?
    2. Views On Leadership
    3. The Making Of Leaders
    4. Models of Leadership
    5. What Is Your Mission?
    6. The Vision
    7. Seeing Potential
    8. Values
    9. My Values
    10. Culture
    11. Rites, Symbols,…
    12. Climate
    13. Words and Metaphors
    14. Role Models
    15. Story and Myth
    16. Leadership Styles
    17. I’m Stuck in the Lift!
    18. Habits
    19. Adding Value
    20. How Well Do I Lead Myself and Others?
  6. How Stressful Is Your Life?
    1. A Successful Stress Manager
    2. My Experiences of Stress
    3. Job Stressors
    4. Life Events Rating
    5. The Hardy Personality
    6. The Adaptive Response
    7. The Balanced Life
    8. Managing The Physical
    9. Learning To Say No
    10. An Emotions Check
    11. Changing Perceptions
    12. Escape Routes
    13. What Inspires You?
    14. How Well Do I Manage My Stress?
  7. How Creative Are You?
    1. How Creative Are You?
    2. Using Thinking Skills
    3. Creative Visualisation
    4. The Peg System
    5. My Favourite Thinking Spots
    6. Logical Thinking
    7. The Brick
    8. Making Connections
    9. Sparking
    10. Pros And Cons
    11. How Creative Am I?
  8. How Motivated Are You to Grow and Develop?
    1. How Motivated Are You?
    2. My Talents, My Genius
    3. A Strengths Inventory
    4. Weaknesses
    5. My Life Chart
    6. Overcoming the Odds
    7. My Goals
    8. Pitching Your Goals
    9. Affirmations
    10. Programming
    11. Physical Energy
    12. Mental Energy
    13. My Positivity Rating
    14. New Birth
    15. Mastery
    16. How Motivated Am I to Reach My Goals?
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