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Make Your Workdays More Meaningful

Towards the Career Development you Deserve!

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Raising awareness of how corporate changes and the workload can affect you and providing strategies to boost your working days.
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Many aspects of the corporate world affect us directly or indirectly. As human beings, we are in a constant process of evolution, if our environment is not aligned with us we will naturally resist it, which demands extra energy to go through the day. This constant drain of energy, among other reasons, is what makes us feel discouraged or unsatisfied with our jobs, and sometimes with our life.The purpose of this book is to raise awareness of how corporate changes and the workload affect you and to provide you with strategies to boost your working days. In this book you will:• Get awareness of your current situation, identify the possible job crisis that you might be facing, and define where you want to be.• Create the intention of a meaningful career by uncovering your drivers, highlighting your best talents, and identifying the best way to contribute to your workplace. • Match your current job with your intention by understanding how your tasks and responsibilities can serve as a vehicle to satisfy your highest needs and values. You will see that your job already is meaningful. Expand your mind and perspectives about your current job, career path, and future!

About the author

Jessica Rojas is a French-Venezuelan coach, speaker and trainer, specialized in talent development and career transformation. Previous to her coaching career, she cumulated over 6 years of experience in consulting and change management accompanying transitions of big companies present worldwide.Economist from UCAB (Venezuela), MSc in International Marketing from Rennes School of Business (France), and MBA in Entrepreneurship from Paris School of Business. Certified as a Change Facilitator with NLP, International Coach with NLP, and Dolquest° Expert. Based in Paris but working globally, Jessica speaks fluently Spanish, English and French and delivers training, coaching and conferences in these three languages. Jessica’s style has a combination of a human sensitivity towards the needs /difficulties of each individual and the pragmatism of a well-conceived and efficient strategy to go through change.Jessica bases her work on her highest personal values: freedom, engagement, quality and guidance. Every day, she exploits her best abilities: good listening skills, pedagogy, open-mindedness, flexibility and a strategic vision to help others to build an inspiring career and to lead clients to success.

  • The intention of this book
  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. How are you experiencing your job?
    1. The employee experience
    2. Identifying possible job crises
    3. Where you are and where you want to be
  2. Create the intention
    1. Your personal values – Who you are
    2. Your best skills – What you can do
    3. Your life purpose – Why you are here for
  3. Match your job with your intention
    1. How your current job satisfies your personal values
    2. Identify opportunities for optimal performance in your current job
    3. Your current job in alignment with your purpose
  • Bibliography
About the Author

Jessica Rojas