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Expert Talk: Digital Inclusion

Interview with Melissa Sassi

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One of the most important issues with digital inclusion is making sure that people can get online. Almost 50% of the world are not. We discuss in detail here as Melissa Sassi shares her expertise.
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Q: What is digital inclusion? 

Melissa Sassi: Digital inclusion, I would say broadly, is the full and equitable access to online tools, services and resources. And that it's not only limited to the internet. It can be mobile services as well such as phone access or whatever else it may be. It includes many different types of digital products, but for me, it's always been about reaching out to the most vulnerable populations in terms of making sure they're included and have devices and internet access. I've focused a lot on children who are living in poverty or other at-risk groups of society.

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Nathaniel Schooler - an engaging interviewer, writer and trusted adviser. IBM Futurist and LinkedIn Power Profile Award Winner. 

He interviews amazing experts. People who have started, built and been part of some of the largest brands in the world and made a huge impact. Prior experience taught him business communication is about real world relationships, (avoiding techno speak and meaningless jargon).
Great insight from IBM and Microsoft insider on how to push changes and digital transformation on a ll level of society and business, inclusion being a focal point.
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