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HR2025: The Future of Work – Managing People

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This e-book considers the future of work and people management in particular. What will it be like to manage and lead in the year 2025?
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Work as we know it has changed, is changing and will change some more. The rate of this change is simply unprecedented.

Ever faster technology, increasing globalisation, demographic change, automation, the rise and rise of social media, five generations in the workplace, structural labour market changes - these are just some of the trends that will impact upon, even disrupt, the future of work. This e-book considers the future of work, and people management in particular. Predicting the future with any certainty isn’t easy. But what might it be like to manage and lead the year 2025? What are the skills, the people practices, the challenges and the changes that will be required? How might Human Resources as a discipline need to change and respond? The authors of this book, both senior HR professionals, take a look into the future of managing people, based upon those trends we can currently identify.

  1. The times, they are a changing…
  2. Theories and Stuff
  3. The changing role of management
  4. Who will these 2025 managers be managing anyway?
  5. The day to day
  6. Employee voice
  7. New Style Conversation
  8. More stuff we think about employee voice
  9. Generations and Generalisations
  10. Managing Performance
  11. Thoughts on new style performance management
  12. Thanks very much
  13. Developing Development
  14. Show me the money (and some other things too please)
  15. Skills and Stuff
  16. The E Word
  17. On the payroll?
  18. The Hollowing Out of Management?
  19. The Human Resources Manager in 2025
  20. Everything changes, but everything stays the same…
  21. There’s no such thing as best practice
  22. What If…?
  23. And so…
  24. A wish list
About the Authors

Tim Scott


Gemma Dale