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Working from Home: Purpose, Pride, Trust

A Manager’s Guide to Personal Development

Language:  English
Pride, purpose, trust. How to get the best out of people working from home. Practical know-how and crucial guidance for anyone seeking to enhance performance and wellbeing.
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Pride, purpose, trust. How to get the best out of people working from home. Practical know-how and crucial guidance for anyone seeking to enhance performance and wellbeing of their people. This book contains many tried and tested tools, theoretical evidence and guidelines for managers seeking to lead dispersed and hybrid teams. It emphasises the need to build trust, encourage positive social relationships and check for individual well-being.

About the Author

Maggie’s background is in social housing, where she has held senior executive positions. She has expertise in leading organisations through periods of change and growth, developing positive cultures and supportive working environments. Maggie now works with organisations and individuals to develop their leadership capability. She is interested in helping people achieve their potential and has a strong track record in successfully coaching clients to achieve their goals.

Sally’ s background is in executive education and development working with a diverse range of organisations and businesses. She has considerable experience in designing, directing and delivering leadership development programmes that are aligned to organisational mission and strategy. Sally is a visiting professorial fellow at Lancaster University and is passionate about learning from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

  • About the authors
  • Introduction
  1. Setting the scene
  2. Background
  3. Cultural implications of working from home
  4. Chapter summary
  5. Personal development
  6. Different forms of learning
  7. Creating a personal narrative
  8. Learning in action
  9. Team work and reflective practice
  10. Chapter summary
  11. Purpose
  12. Working from home and purposeful work
  13. Case study: The power of organisational purpose and values
  14. Personal purpose and values
  15. Exercise: How did I learn to lead?
  16. Chapter summary
  17. Pride
  18. Relational skills for hybrid working
  19. How to influence in a meaningful way
  20. The difference between pull and push influence
  21. How to influence a dispersed team
  22. Chapter summary
  23. Trust
  24. What is trust
  25. What happens when trust breaks down
  26. How to judge when to nudge or nag
  27. Case study: Why social contact improves trust
  28. Trust in teams
  29. Chapter summary
  30. Meaningful conversations
  31. What is a meaningful conversation
  32. The feedback conversation
  33. The coaching conversation
  34. The difficult conversation
  35. Chapter summary
  36. Harnessing potential
  37. Is personal development a changing paradigm
  38. Why do I need a personal development plan
  39. Personal development exercise: My plan
  40. Personal learning log: An essential tool
  41. Personal development: A new paradigm
  42. Chapter summary
  • Conclusions
  • Table of figures
  • Endnotes

Recognize the characteristics of a successful coach. Learn strategies for handling difficult conversations in the workplace.

About the Authors

Dr Sally Watson

Maggie Shannon