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Organisational Myths – Volume 1

Challenging received wisdom

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Covering subjects ranging from excessive auditing and imposing best practice to the dangers of meetings and fear of AI, Volume 1 of Organisational Myths is a vital and challenging taster for Volume 2.
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Covering subjects ranging from excessive auditing and the limitations of imposing best practice to the dangers of meetings and misplaced fear of AI, Volume 1 of Organisational Myths is more than just a taster for Volume 2. Drawing on multiple sources, it also challenges received wisdom such as post code lotteries being a bad thing and open competitive tendering being a good thing; it even questions the value of strategic thinking. Volume 1 finishes on the thorny topic of performance related pay - perfect preparation for the first Myth in Volume 2: ‘To attract the best, you must pay the best’.

About the author

Since graduating from Oxford, Adrian Faiers has gained broad experience at the top of commercial, statutory and voluntary organisations. He also writes on a wide range of subjects. Before his current work consulting, teaching and writing, he recently commissioned mental health services within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and has a particular interest in work and mental health.

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  2. I Appetiser: Including an amuse bouche myth
  3. Introduction and myth No. 1
    1. Myth No. 1: Detailed auditing is essential for effective financial control
  4. II Starter: a selection of a dozen flash fried taster myths
  5. Myths Nos. 2–13 
    1. Myth No. 2: Post code lotteries are a bad thing
    2. Myth No. 3: Robots and artificial intelligence will steal all our jobs
    3. Myth No. 4: Organisations (and customers) benefit by sharing and implementing best practice
    4. Myth No. 5: Quality programmes ensure better services and products
    5. Myth No. 6: Competition and choice guarantee better services
    6. Myth No. 7: Service user (customer) involvement is essential for effective service (or product) design
    7. Myth No 8: Open competitive tendering is the fairest and most efficient way of awarding contracts
    8. Myth No. 9: You get better business done in face to face meetings
    9. Myth No. 10: Modern managers are non-judgemental
    10. Myth No. 11: Strategic thinking is what sets top managers apart
    11. Myth No. 12: Business coaching will help you develop your potential
    12. Myth No. 13: Performance related pay gets better results
  6. Author biography
As an additional source, this book provided many points that were debated in the HR 3 module that I lecture. Most books provide facts, in this book the reader gets the opportunity to develop critical thinking.
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