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People-Centric Change & Adaptive Organisations

Change Strategy Book 3

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The book explores Implementing change strategy and the People Centric Change Model. Future Adaptive ‘Octopus’ Organisations are explained and we consider the changing role of change management.
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This book looks at implementing change strategy, its risks and pitfalls, and the importance of continuity between strategy and action. Central to change strategy is the People Centric Change Model including stakeholders, executive alignment, change impacts, risks and readiness, culture, values, behaviour and talent management. Then we consider evolutional change as we face a demanding future, the nature of Adaptive Organisations and the Octopus Organisation Concept. Finally we explore the changing role of change management.

About the author

Malcolm Anderson advises and speaks on strategy, future-proofing, organisational transformation and performance. With over 30 years consulting in organisational change, his experience spans Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia, with senior appointments in a variety of industries, public and private sectors and led a UK business and management faculty.

  • About The Author
  • Introduction
  1. Implementing Change Strategy
    1. Making Change Strategy Happen
    2. The Thinking-Doing Gap
  2. The Pitfalls of Change Strategy
    1. Why Does Change Fail?
    2. Why Does Change Strategy Fail?
    3. Barriers to Success
    4. Endnote
  3. People-Centric Change
    1. Why People-Centric?
    2. Shaping People-Centric Change Strategy
    3. Stakeholder Strategy
    4. Stakeholder Analysis Model
    5. Stakeholder Engagement
    6. Stakeholder Partnership
    7. Stakeholder Resistance
    8. Stakeholder Research and Analysis
    9. Executive Alignment
    10. Change Impacts
    11. Change Readiness
    12. Change Risks
    13. Organisational Culture
    14. Organisational Values
    15. Organisational Behaviour
    16. Shaping Values and Behaviour
    17. Communication
    18. Endnotes
  4. Talent Management, Development and Change
    1. People-Centric Lifecycle
    2. Talent Management Strategy
    3. Endnotes
  5. Adaptive Organisations and the Evolution of Change Management
    1. The Octopus Organisation
    2. From Octopus to Adaptive Organisation
  6. The Evolving Role of Change Management
    1. Changing Change
    2. Overnight Transformation?
    3. How Must Change Managers Change?
    4. Skills
  7. Change Strategy Continuity
    1. From Thinking to Doing
    2. Continuity Action
    3. Change Strategy Workshops
About the Author

Mal Anderson