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How to Deal with your Manager

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This book is an attempt to give an insight into the behaviour of managers, and provides guidelines how to understand the role of your manager so that you may deal with him/her to your advantage.
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Every manager has responsibilities towards himself/herself, their team, and the individuals within the team, the organization and the tasks in hand. Most managers find themselves under pressure to achieve these targets as effectively as possible. In an effort to meet these demands, they too often forget the needs of the people for whom they are responsible. The results may vary, and may not always be welcome. A good manager can inspire you to great achievement, while a bad one can be thoroughly de-motivating and make your life a living hell. However, you must understand that managers are also under pressure to perform effectively. They look upon their team members to cooperate and help in achieving the targets. The success of your efforts depends greatly on the way you deal with your manager. For this purpose, you must first try to understand the managerial role, and the functions and activities performed by your manager. This book is an attempt to provide some guidelines to do so.

  1. Human Hypothesis of Management
    1. Vision
    2. Purpose of management
    3. Human skill
    4. Understanding behavior
    5. Steps to assertiveness
    6. Hypothesis
  2. Scientific Guidelines to deal with managers
    1. Managerial responsibilities
    2. Role of communication
    3. Choosing paper on the spoken word
    4. Barriers to communication
  3. Understanding the nature of manager’s work
    1. Major functions of management
    2. Ten key qualities of managers
    3. Managing resources
    4. Managerial effectiveness
  4. Skills of dealing with different types of managers
    1. Dealing with different managers in general
    2. Types of difficult managers
    3. Dealing with difficult managers
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