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Effective Business Continuity Management

Practical Tips for a Robust Business Continuity Capability

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Dozens of helpful, practical, real-world tips for those who want to get past the theory and develop a robust, effective business continuity capability, rather than just a business continuity plan.
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This book is aimed at anyone with responsibility for, or involvement in, their organization’s business continuity management programme. Most of all, it’s aimed at those who want to get past the theory; who have to undertake their business continuity activities in the real world and want to develop a business continuity capability, rather than just a business continuity plan. It contains dozens of helpful, practical tips to use at various stages of the business continuity lifecycle – tips that will help the reader ensure that their business continuity programme is robust and effective.

About the Author

Andy Osborne is a highly experienced business continuity, risk and crisis management consultant, trainer and author. In his 20+ years as an independent consultant, he has helped more than 200 clients, of all shapes and sizes, worldwide, across a broad range of industry sectors, to develop, implement, prove and maintain their business continuity capability.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Business Continuity Project/Programme Management
    1. Friends in high places
    2. Project or process?
    3. Project yourself
    4. Top down, bottom up
    5. How do you eat an elephant?
    6. A cunning plan
    7. Horses for courses
    8. You can’t have one without the other
    9. The missing link
    10. Sack the business continuity manager!
  2. Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment
    1. Time is money
    2. The name of the game
    3. Analysis paralysis
    4. Prevention and cure
    5. The outer limits
    6. A source of embarrassment
    7. Just mind your own business?
  3. Education and Awareness
    1. Education, education, education
    2. Blissful ignorance?
    3. Familiarity breeds content
    4. By all means
    5. As clear as mud
    6. Carpe diem
    7. It’s not big and it’s not clever!
    8. Ready, willing - but able?
  4. Incident Management and Business Continuity Plans
    1. Easy peasy?
    2. One size fits all
    3. The best laid plans
    4. One up, one down
    5. Less is more
    6. It ain’t necessarily so
    7. Don’t fall into the trap
    8. A break in continuity
    9. Appreciating assets
  5. Crisis/Incident Management
    1. Crisis, what crisis?
    2. The right stuff
    3. The information gap
    4. A commanding position
    5. Ready for inaction?
    6. Questions, questions
    7. Don’t panic
    8. Read all about it
    9. The main thing
  6. Crisis Communications
    1. PPPPPPP
    2. A happy media
    3. It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you say it
    4. Take CARE
    5. Know your enemy
    6. A united front
    7. In the news
    8. Crisis communication rules, ok?
  7. Exercising and Testing
    1. All the world’s a stage
    2. When is a test not a test?
    3. Ready for action
    4. Beyond the car park
    5. Testing, testing
    6. The whole caboodle
    7. Getting the best from your test
    8. Out of order?
    9. Fortune favours the prepared
  8. Continuous Improvement
    1. When is a plan not a plan?
    2. A moving target
    3. A little help from your friends
    4. A fresh perspective
    5. A change of plan
    6. Back to the future
  • One final tip
  • Endnotes
  • Appendix 1 - Tip of the Month
  • Appendix 2 - Further reading
  • Appendix 3 - Some Useful Sources of Information
About the Author

Andy Osborne