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Talent Management: A Focus on Excellence

Managing Human Resources in a Knowledge Economy

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Learn to integrate 21st Century Human Resources Management with Knowledge and Talent Management. This book covers the entire employee lifecycle, from attracting talent, to training and retaining them.
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This book is a must-read to be up to date with the requirements of Human Resources Management in the 21st Century. The world turned into a knowledge economy and human resources professionals need to specialize in knowledge management and talent management. Written in a practical manner, this book covers all key topics of HRM, from attracting, hiring, assessing, training, coaching, leading, rewarding and retaining, to laying off or promoting employees. Learn to focus on modeling the excellence of top performers and paying attention to attitude & motivation, rather than just skills.

  1. Introduction
    1. Making the case for talent management
    2. This book’s contents and intentions
  2. Strategy First
    1. Strategy helps to determine Priorities
  3. How people achieve Results
    1. The link between wanting to, knowing to and being able to.
    2. Attitude, Filters and meta-programs
    3. Knowledge, Values & Beliefs
    4. Skills
    5. Implications for Talent Management
  4. Focus on Excellence
    1. The danger of generic solutions and other shortcuts
    2. Modeling Excellence
    3. Using the Model
  5. Talent Acquisition: Recruiting & Assessment
    1. The Recruitment Process
    2. Attracting the right candidates
    3. Some notes about résumés
    4. Hiring the Best Candidate
    5. Assessment and 360° feedback
    6. Performance of Recruitment Methods
    7. A word of warning
  6. Talent Development: Training & Coaching
    1. Needs Analysis
    2. Some Musings about Training
    3. Coaching in the context of Talent Management
    4. Knowledge Management & Creation
  7. Talent Integration: Leadership & Building Teams
    1. Fitting Leaders within a culture
    2. Induction Programs
    3. Strategic decisions may destroy key talent
    4. Building Teams
  8. Appraising & Rewarding Performance
    1. Feedback & Responsibility
    2. Appraisal & Reward Systems
    3. Exit
  9. Retention & Succession Planning
    1. Don’t Burn Out the Talented People
    2. Flexibility & Part-time employment
    3. Knowledge Management & Succession Planning
  10. Programs for High Potentials
    1. Selecting Candidates Into the Program
    2. Running the program and evaluating the results
    3. Guerrilla projects for the Nimble
  11. Job Crafting
  12. The Talent Life Cycle: Integrating all of it
    1. Measuring Success
    2. Return on Investment
    3. Talent Life Cycle – Full Checklist (for each key position)
    4. How jobEQ tools fit into the Talent Life Cycle
  13. Conclusion
An excellent approach and good communication tools. I am sure to succeed with them.
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About the Author

Patrick Merlevede

Patrick Merlevede is an internationally recognized specialist in the areas of talent management and emotional intelligence. Based on his own experience in these fields, he founded of, a cloud based service providing tools for assessing work attitude & motivation, values & organizational cultures and competencies. At the time of writing, jobEQ’s tools were available in 18 languages and were being used by consultants, trainers and coaches in over 30 countries.

jobEQ’s customers use these tools for projects which follow the principles that have been outlined in this book. Applications range from recruiting & assessment, over training & coaching to team building, leadership and changing organizational cultures. Patrick continues to consult organizations in these areas, and coaches an international network of consultants and trainers who use the jobEQ principles and tools.

Patrick obtained a Master degree in Applied Economics (Commercial Engineering and Computer Science) and a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (Cognitive Science Option) from the Catholic University in Leuven (Belgium).

He is the author of several books, including 2 which are available in English: “7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence” (2001) and “Mastering Mentoring & Coaching with Emotional Intelligence” (2004). More recently, a couple of additional books were published in a tips-format (see

Contact Information: e-mail: | Phone : +32 (475)870.852