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Technical Services in Facility Management

Language:  English
This book introduces the reader to Facilities Management and covers important aspects of managing Technical Services in a facility. Recommended for students and professionals exploring a career in FM.
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The management of technical services in a building is a critical function of Facilities Management that can impact the business activities, efficiencies, productivity and well being of staff. A well thought out operations & maintenance strategy implemented with rigor can prevent business losses, enhance reliability of infrastructure, save on operating costs by enhancing the longevity and hence value of the assets. This book provides an introduction to Facilities Management and an overview of what technical services in a facility entail and how best to manage them.

About the authors

Varinder Taprial & Priya Kanwar have been writing for about a decade now and have published three e-books with Bookboon. Beyond this, they have also published two paperbacks on Internet related topics. Varinder is an Electrical Engineer and Priya, a dentist. While Varinder is currently working in the Facilities Management industry, Priya has also independently worked on creation of e-learning course and content development on Facilities Management.

  • About the Authors 
  1. Introduction to Facility Management 
    1. What is Facility Management?
    2. Scope of Facilities Management 
    3. International Standards on Facilities Management 
  2. Technical Services in Facility Management 
    1. Typical Infrastructure & Equipment Within a Facility
    2. Scope of Technical Services 
  3. Operations of Technical Equipment 
    1. Operations Strategy 
    2. Essentials of Operations 
  4. Maintenance of Technical Equipment
    1. Maintenance Strategy 
    2. Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) 
    3. Predictive Maintenance 
    4. Corrective Maintenance 
    5. Reactive Maintenance 
    6. Annual Shutdowns 
  5. Incident Management 
    1. Incident Classification 
    2. Escalations/Notifications 
    3. Incident Report 
    4. Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
    5. Corrective and Preventive Action Plan (CAPA)
    6. Lessons Learnt
  6. Energy Management
    1. Guidance for Facility Teams
    2. Save Water – Save Energy
  7. Training
    1. Training Needs Identification
    2. Training Plan
    3. Training Calendar
    4. Cross-Training and Job Rotation
    5. Training Record
    6. Training Targets
About the Authors

Varinder Taprial

Priya Kanwar