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Leading Ambidextrous Organizations – Part 1

Harnessing the Power of Organizational Ambidexterity

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As organizations exploit the marketplace, they stop exploring and learning in critical ways that guarantee future success. The solution is the practice of organizational ambidexterity.
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Research into formerly high performing organizations finds that organizational exploitation drives out exploration. What does this mean? As organizations exploit the marketplace doing what they do best, they stop exploring and learning in critical ways that guarantee future success. The solution is the practice of organizational ambidexterity. This is book 1 of 3.

About the author

Dr. Eric Zabiegalski is a graduate of George Washington University in Human and Organizational Learning and lives on the Western shore of the Chesapeake Bay close to Washington DC. He has been researching and studying leadership, learning, strategy and change for over 20 years. Eric has been on all sides of the leadership fence from leader and manager to employee and servant and has practiced leadership and served leaders in the most coveted and challenging environments in the world. With an early professional history as a technical expert, Eric has gone from being a technical subject matter expert (SME) to being a people SME and considers the human mind and behavior to be the next frontier for discovery. It’s in this realm where he combines his technical expertise with his human sociological and organizational expertise and passion for the betterment of individuals, organizations, and processes.With interests in Emotional Intelligence or "EQ", Servant Leadership and Followership, Neuroscience, Complexity Science, Creativity and Ambidextrous Organizations, Eric has been driven to finding the right balance of qualities and behaviors to build better high performing learning teams and create a better world in which to live. Eric’s energy, charismatic style, expertise, and ability to genuinely connect with audiences has made him an attractive speaker working with equal success in different industries and in different countries. Eric can deliver keynote presentations, workshops, and classes at conferences, seminars, and organizations on-site or off, to audiences large or small.Eric demonstrates why the physical and mental wellbeing of an organization’s workforce is paramount to a healthy culture and successful business and his professional insight and practical advice gains the attention of his audience when he delivers proven strategies that can be implemented immediately. An industry expert on Ambidextrous Organizations, Strategy, Culture, and Learning, Eric also offers Coaching to Senior Executives and the C-suite who often need to perform under pressure and make quick decisions, or to general workforces to build leaders of your entire team. He offers practical solutions which enable businesses to improve communication, attract and keep talent and grow strategic competitive advantage. Eric’s focus is on developing a healthy workplace culture and balanced strategy between performing the work of today and finding the work of tomorrow– all of which is underpinned by a compelling life and professional philosophy reinforced by his own experience as a former crewmember aboard Air Force 2 and in support of Air Force 1. Eric is a past member of Toastmasters international speaking assn., currently a member of two professional boards (World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) and Calvert Hospice), a 30 year Technical Expert in mechanical industries, Professor at National Louis University (NLU) teaching HR Training and Development Leadership and Management, a Certified Consulting Hypnotist (CCH), and the author of 5 books and 27 articles covering a range of business topics to include Learning, Ambidexterity, Leadership, Culture, Strategy, Complexity, Neuroscience, Action Learning, and Change. Eric is US-based but available to speak worldwide.Keynote and Workshop topics include:

  • The Rise of the Ambidextrous Organization, the secret revolution happening right under your nose (based on bestselling book and research)
  • Leading Ambidextrous Organizations (based on bestselling series of books)
  • Neuroscience and Business Success
  • Culture, Climate and Business Success
  • Sustainable Structures and Strategies in a Changing World
  • Understand the Game on the Field of Play (field theory, business, and learning)
  • Managing Paradigms and Ways of Knowing in Business
  • Action Learning (process and coaching)
  • Learning in Ambidexterity (based on the principles of Action Learning)
  • The DNA of Success in Business and Life
  • Ambidexterity and Disruption, Surfing the Innovation Wave
  • Keeping the Aperture Open (converging and diverging for business success)
  • Emotional intelligence or "EQ"
  • The Power of Diversity in Business
  • Hypnosis, Self-hypnosis, Mindfulness, Self-Management, and Work
  • Complexity, Complex Adaptive Systems and Complexity Science
  • Innovation, Creativity, Culture and Business
  • True Stories and True Storytelling 

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  • About the Author
  • Preface
  • Foreword
  1. Introduction
    1. The Solution of Ambidexterity
    2. Definitions
    3. The Model
    4. Three Types of Ambidexterity
    5. About This Book
  • Part I: The Elements of Organizational Ambidexterity
  1. Culture
    1. What Is Organizational Culture?
    2. Cultural Ambidexterity
    3. Attitude Counts
    4. And So Does the Right Mindset
    5. Cultures That Go Silent
  2. Leadership
    1. Three Types of Leaders
    2. Two Additional Types of Leaders
    3. Emotional Quotient and the Ambidextrous Leader
    4. The Intersection of Leadership and Culture
  3. Learning
    1. Organizational Learning or Learning Organization
    2. Creating a Dynamic Learning Environment
    3. Jackrabbits and Slow Learners
  4. Structure
    1. Structural Alignment
    2. Structural Obstacles to Radical Learning
    3. Restructuring Structure
    4. The Ambidextrous Ecosystem
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Eric Zabiegalski