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Academic writing guide for university students
The Simplified Academic Proofreaders' Manual
Successful Public Speaking
Be A Better Writer
Visual Notetaking
I Still Can’t Speak English
المهارات المتقدمة في التواصل
التواصل لأجل التغيير
Virtual Recognition
Handling Objections at Each Stage of the Process
Prevent Zoombombing: 7 Tips to Save Your Meetings
English for Japanese Speakers - Beginner: Level 1
Micro Talk: Giving Feedback
Real Networking in Virtual Times
Micro Talk: Feedback Culture, Part 2
Unity & Working Together
Expert Talk: How to Make your Meetings Amazing
Micro Talk: Effective Negotiation
Influencing Others Virtually
Increase Your Conversions with Google My Business
Using PR Techniques in Employee Communications
How to Manage “Snowflakes”
How to Approach Difficult Conversations
Dealing with Conflict – For Managers
14 Business English idioms
Fraud Prevention and Detection
Communicate with Impact
Micro Talk: Giving constructive feedback
Lift off Agile Teams - Iterations
Effective Conference Calls
How to Successfully Facilitate Virtual Meetings
The Business of Writing Blogs
Micro Talk: Asking for Help
Learn English
Keep Moving: Change through Consensus
Expert Talk: Effortless Collaboration
How to Give Difficult Feedback
Presenting an Effective Message
The Experts Teach: Presentation Skills
The Secrets to Workshop Success
Micro Talk: Effective One-to-Ones
Expert Talk: Internal Communication
Effective Communication Skills
Communicating with Technology
How to Deal with your Manager
English for Chinese Speakers - Beginner: Level 1
Improve Your Writing Skills
Powerful Online Communication
High-impact interpersonal skills
Business Communication: Achieving Results
Professional Communication
In Focus: An Interview with 'The Evil HR Lady'
Cool It!
Understanding Virtual Body Language
The Art of Communicating
Perfect Presentations
Audiobook: How to Effectively Communicate
Business Email Etiquette
How to increase the effectiveness of your training
Empowering Leadership
How to sell your value and your price
How to Write Articles for Self-Promotion
White Paper Writing for Business
Audiobook: Dealing With Difficult People
Expert Talk: Managing Difficult Conversations
PASSTA: It's the New Take on SPIN Selling
Quantum of Ethics
Expert Talk: Communication Skills
Virtual Presentations Part II
Starter Guide to Social Media
Expert Talk: Writing Skills and Sales Copywriting
Micro Talk: Influencing Skills
Risk and Crisis Communication
Communication in the CSR Context
How to Prepare for your Presentation
English for Specific Purpose
Write and Publish a Book Project
How to Start A Remote Meeting
Mastering Public Speaking Challenges
Keep Moving: Building an Effective Personal Brand
Expert Talk: Writing a Book about Change
Agile Teams - Improvement Tools and Exercises
Improving Your Communication Skills
Fundamentals of communication, P.R. and leadership
The A to Z of Presentations
Advanced Communication Skills
How to Name Your Brand
Keep Moving: Maintaining Contact with Co-Workers
How to Conduct Great Virtual Sales Meetings
Why and How to Launch an Internal Podcast
Journalistic Writing
Your ultimate guide to questioning & listening
How to Write Your First Novel
Perspectives in Education
Presenting at Conferences
How to Deliver a Presentation
Hidden Communication Skills Revealed!
Towards Excellence…How to Study
Motivation letters & resumes
The Smart Guide to Business Writing
How to Effectively Communicate
Towards Excellence…How to Teach
Working with Uncertainty
How to Prepare a Presentation
Audiobook: Essential Communication Secrets!
Write a Book Project
12 ways to ruin your presentation
Avoiding Death By PowerPoint
MBA Research Project
Tips for Recording Your Internal Podcast
How to Deal with the Media and Boost your PR
Micro Talk: Effective Communication
Emotionally Charged Conversations
Language across the Curriculum
Establishment of Sound Internal Control Systems
How to Influence & Bring Your Audience with You
How to Handle Questions and Interjections
How to Chair Virtual Meetings
Writing Persuasive Proposals
Business Communications
Priming and Promoting a Creative Approach
Communicating With Empathy
Expert Talk: PR and Crisis Communication
Models for Personal Development: A K to Z Guide
Making a Mark in the Media
Keep Moving: Virtually Perfect
12 Ideas for Giving Virtual Recognition
In Focus: The Inter-Cultural Training Partner
Email Magic
Communicating Effectively in the Hybrid Workplace
Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping
Micro Talk: Removing the Competition
Models for Personal Development: An A to J Guide
Micro Talk: Social Skills
What is Active Listening?
Teaching Your Children Public Speaking Skills
In Focus: Coaching & Mentoring in the Covid-19 Era
Expert Talk: Launching a podcast
Active Listening and Influencing Virtually
Virtual Body Language
Virtual Presentations Part I: Preparation
How to Talk Tech to a Non-Techie Audience
Expert Talk: Corporate Communications
Expert Talk: Persuasive Communication
Keeping Your Reader Front of Mind
Influencing and Persuasion skills
How to Write a Research Paper
Micro Talk: Communication and Empathy
Business Blogs
English for Spanish Speakers - Beginner: Level 1
The Upside Down Guide to writing for the Press
33 Steps to Great Presentations
Am I Happy with my Job?
Effective Meeting Facilitation
Lift off Agile teams - Team Transformation Process
Keys to Effective Meeting Facilitation
Micro Talk: Communication & Influence
How to Make Gamification Work for You
Leading for an Engaged Culture
Taking Meeting Minutes
A Guide to Management ‘Speak’
In Focus: How to Win Arguments
Writing Non-Fiction Books
How to Influence Big Egos!
Bad Writing and how to Avoid it
English for Korean Speakers - Beginner: Level 1
From Face-to-Face to Virtual Communication
Expert Talk: How to Give a Great Speech
Strong Working Relationships
Micro Talk: Active Listening
Managing your Meeting Mortals
Boost Your Profile In Print
Upholding Respect and Trust – Setting Expectations
Micro Talk: Negotiation Skills
Digital Training @Work
Workplace Wellness: Relationships and Resilience
Expert Talk: It‘s the communication, stupid!
How to Motivate your Team
Keep Moving: Giving Feedback Effectively
Micro Talk: Biggest Presentation Mistakes
Micro Talk: Holding Difficult Conversations
How to Present on Video
Keep Moving: Communication in the Covid-19 Era
Micro Talk: Listening Skills
Expert Talk: Presentation Skills
Micro Talk: Storytelling for Business
Micro Talk: Presenting Virtually
Giving Feedback Virtually
Virtual Communication
Expert Talk: Visual Communication
How Technical Experts Become Powerful Presenters
Job Karma
Dealing with Conflict
How to Engage with the Media
Pedagogy of English as a Second Language
Remote Work
How to Deliver Feedback Virtually
Basic Communication Skills
Micro Talk: Strong Sales Presentations, Part 2
How to Ask for What You Want at Work
Using Social Media for Personal Gain
Expert Talk: Story Telling with Social Media
Where You May Get it Wrong When Writing English
How to Improve Your Pronounciation
Internal Communication Management
Business writing made easy
English Grammar For Economics And Business
Essay Writing Explained
Creating a Positive Hybrid Work Culture
English for English Speakers - Beginner: Level 1
Interpersonal Skills For Entrepreneurs
There's no "I" in TEAM
Using Humour To Enhance Presentations
Expert Talk: How to Get Out of a Contract
Creating Engaging Virtual Events
How to Connect with Any Audience
International Business Dynamics
How to Be a Better Listener to Get What You Want!
How to Present as a Leader
Facilitating Effective Sales Meetings
Expert Talk: Embracing Failure - Communication
Micro Talk: Perfect Presentations
7 Strategies to Improve Your Virtual Body Language
Giving Feedback Virtually
Effective Virtual Presentations
Keep Moving: Tips for Managing Your Remote Team
Using Stories in Presentations
How to Turn the Q&A
How to Have More Impact & Presence
Virtual Presentations
How to Receive Difficult Feedback
3 Communication Tips to Build Respect as a Leader
White paper: Learning Content Strategy
Effective Presentations
Managerial Communication Today
Presentation Nervousness to Confidence
How to Give & Receive Feedback
Vive la Difference
Expert Talk: Challenges in Mediation
Expert Talk: Body Language
Accelerating your Business through Communication
Maximise your important business conversations
Expert Talk: Communication with Monica Kade
Communication in the Workplace
Communicating Change
Micro Talk: Dealing with “No”
Impact Versus Intent
Micro Talk: Communication Styles
How to Write a Non-Fiction Book & get it Published
Aligning Your Business to Customer Journeys
Towards Excellence…Seminars, GD’s & Interviews
Interpersonal Relationships & Communications
Micro Talk: Dealing with Objections
Communication Skills
Essential Study Skills
Writing winning essays
The Changing Landscape of Public Relations
Engage a Growing Network with “Friendly Follow Up”
How to Maintain Relationships
Decision-Making using Financial Ratios
Perfect Public Speaking and Presentations
In Focus: Persuasion is a Learnable Skill
In Focus: Do Your Communications Spark Engagement?
Conscious Body Language
Understanding Social Media
Best Practices in Managing Virtual Teams
Dealing with Conflict and Complaints
Essential Communication Secrets!
Business Communication Methods
Negotiation & Assertiveness
Your Boss: Sorted!
Micro Talk: Storytelling
Strategic Communications in the Digital Age
Saving Your Reputation in the Digital Age
Blogging: 101 Tips to get started