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Conscious Body Language

Your most sensational soft skill

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Becoming more conscious of and working with your body language can add new and exciting dimensions to your professional as well as personal life.
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”Life is hard”. How many times have we heard that?

What if right now, being on “Technology’s cutting edge” is making it even harder and sharper? What if in fact, technology and all the scientific hard skills it has produced are now culminating in one sharp, defined and possibly brittle singular peak?

What if our technology has, in fact, engulfed us and our behaviors have changed to accommodate it, often without even knowing it?

Becoming more conscious of and working with your body language can add new and exciting dimensions to your professional as well as personal life.

A very dear person to me was recently complaining about a nagging backache. This is a very intelligent person who is now retired from a successful career as business leader. In most cases he behaves as one of the wisest people I know. To fix the pain he went to his doctor. Yet the result of meeting his doctor was not to locate and resolve the cause of the backache, (which interestingly is situated directly opposite a rather large waistline). Instead it was to complain to the doctor that the painkillers he previously prescribed were not strong enough! Three days later and with the new prescription the problem was considered solved.

This little anecdote is offered as a symbol of how technology and the advice of an expert have replaced our need to listen closely and be responsible for our feelings and our bodies. Was the problem in this case solved or merely avoided? What happens if the technology (in this case, stronger painkillers) stops working? Most importantly, where is the drive to find the source of the pain and resolve it once and for all?

To function as it is designed, most of modern day life requires technology. In less than a generation technology has gone from an erratic and undependable but helpful accessory to the organizer, controller and analyzer of most things we do. More and more Technology seems to be shaping our behavior whether or not we are conscious of it. Often we just adjust to its increasing power and function without even questioning the consequences. In the process many of us act more and more as if we have forgotten the essence of what makes us human. That is to consciously feel.

Becoming more conscious of and working with your body language can add new and exciting dimensions to your professional as well as personal life. You can practice improving your sales, service, leadership and teamwork skills. You can use it to relax and better enjoy some quality time with friends and family. Your health will increase and stress levels decrease while learning more about how you and others function. By daring to go off-line to observe, sense and trust your intuition, all this information about you and everyone around you is available and waiting. Does this mean that someone else can also see and sense all this in you too? Absolutely!

Since cracking this code myself, I am just amazed how few people get the power and utility that is available using simple soft skills to gather information, make better decisions, plus create more profitable and enjoyable relationships. Your willingness and ability to learn about and understand the “language of the body” provides you this distinct edge.

Whether you lead, sell, serve or just communicate with others, learning the “language of the body” will give you much more power and control over your own situation and the relationships you create. More importantly, it will also give you both tools and insight into discovering and handling what other people are doing to manipulate your thoughts, beliefs and behavior. Yet, this will do very little good unless you understand the grounding principle of personal sovereignty. That it comes from within.

Begin using the skills offered herein to open up your inner core to experience and trust your own self-worth and knowledge. When you really start to have faith in and use those universal truths only found in the silence and peace of reflection, then you will really be calling the shots in your life. Enjoy!

  1. Peak hard skills
    1. Lack of trust, the current situation
    2. Knowledge is no longer enough
    3. Human doings versus human beings
    4. Life in a spreadsheet
    5. Digital versus analogue
    6. Has management become an anachronism?
    7. Leadership, the rising star
  2. Conscious body language, so what?
    1. The advantage of becoming more human
    2. Conscious health and well-being
    3. The roots of behavior
    4. Motility versus mobility
    5. Business consciousness
    6. Becoming sensational
    7. Understanding, a multidimensional word
  3. Sensational soft skills
    1. Presence
    2. Inspiration
    3. Gravity
    4. Conscious touch
    5. Consent
    6. Congruency
    7. Enjoyment
  4. Incorporating Conscious body language in the workplace
    1. Sensational leadership
    2. Courageous selling
    3. Inspiring and engaging presentations
    4. Service you can feel
    5. Teamwork diversity through dialogue
  5. Conscious mastery
    1. Expertise and mastery
  6. A conscious and sensational future
    1. Beyond survival
    2. Conclusion
Very useful book with a a fascinating background on the history of communication and how to be better at it with very easy tips and tricks. It is full of simple excercises that provide great training to make you more aware of how you consciously comunicate and how to do it better.
If you want to learn more about your own body language and how to to use it more consciously and effectively, read this book!
After I have read this book I have become more conscious of the fact that working with my body language I can add new and exciting dimensions to my professional as well as personal life.
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