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Storytelling with Style

How to Tell Stories which Impress, Influence and Inspire

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Storytelling is the most powerful way to make your messages memorable. We will examine the tricks of the trade, from starts to endings and everything in between, to make your storytelling stand out.
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We’ll examine a couple of stories, from a profound moment of teenage inspiration to the comically humiliating, and break them down to explore how they work and what they can tell us about the art of truly effective storytelling.

About the Author

Simon Hall

Simon Hall runs his own communications agency, Creative Warehouse, and is a journalist and business coach.
He teaches communications, media and business skills at the University of Cambridge and in UK government.
He was a broadcaster for 20 years, mostly as a BBC Television News Correspondent, specialising in business and economics.
For more, see the websites for Simon and Creative Warehouse.