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Virtual Presentations Part I: Preparation

17m 29s
Language:  English
Part 1. This Expert Talk is about delivering virtual presentations with influence. We discuss the practical set up, the preparation as well as the how and why our audience decides to engage with us.
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Part 1. Think of a pilot wearing a life jacket, would you really want to board that plane. Non-verbal cues, “the life jacket”, matters in virtual presentations. The preparation side is a vital component and we discuss the practical set up such as the lighting and our unconscious bias. Think of monsters in the dark and angels in the light, our audience carries unconscious bias and this impacts their decision-making. 

This Expert Talk will advise on clothing, appearance, backgrounds as well as tools and techniques you can use immediately to deliver well and with influence.

About the Author

Vickie Lea is a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting and has the formal accreditation with over 2000 hours of face-to-face training in business to achieve a two Masters in both business and consultancy. Additionally she has over 1000+ hours proven practice in the private sector. She is known as the Democrat, leading through establishing a collective sense direction to create a popular consensus.

About the Author

Vickie Lea Payne