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Proven Tips to Advance Your Career

24m 19s
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How can you consistently maintain your value and relevance as you grow as a leader? Learn proven communication strategies and success principles to help you take ownership of how you are perceived.
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Success in any area of life, whether in your personal relationships, health or finances, rarely exceeds personal development, and why it's so critical to your continued growth. Learn how on how to detach from language that feeds into the “Sorry Syndrome” and make subtle tweaks in your speech to springboard you from diluting your value to spotlighting your assets immediately. Based on real-life practical work scenarios and career strategies, not academic research and theory, learn success principles proven to take ownership of how you are perceived, your energy level and the intentions that you set in everyday conversations with your management, business partners and clients. In this talk we will explore strategies to own your leadership presence and communicate your value to consistently grow as a leader, in every area of your life

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Marisa Santoro