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How to Deal with the Media and Boost your PR

Interview Tips and How to Influence the Outcome

Language:  English
Discover how to handle that first call from a reporter. How to write a press release. How to prepare. How to give a confident, convincing interview.
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Discover how to make the public want to listen to your message.Discover how handle that first call from a reporter. How to write a press release the media will want to use. How to prepare key messages for an interview. How to give a confident, convincing, authoritative interview. How to stay in control, saying what you want to say. How to influence the final outcome of the article or item, while still in the interview. How to handle an aggressive interview with ease (it does not have to be difficult!). How to handle the media during a major crisis. How to handle social media.

About the author

Michael is a leading authority on training in media and presentation skills. His methods are universal – the result of intensive workshops with people from many cultures. He has special expertise in handling the media when the issues are controversial. He was a TV reporter, director and presenter of news and current affairs, and has worked on secondment for the BBC. He has published seven books.

  • About the author
  1. How to get the most out of this book
    1. Which part of my speech carries the greatest impact?
    2. Who is my real audience?
    3. What makes the media and reporters tick?
    4. Should I trust reporters?
    5. What sort of people are journalists?
    6. How much will the mainstream media sensationalise my story?
  2. How the different media will treat you
    1. Bloggers / social media
    2. On-line news hubs
    3. Newspapers / print and digital print
    4. Radio
    5. Television
  3. How to interest the media in your event
    1. What spins their wheels?
    2. What’s the best way to structure a news release?
    3. When and how do I send the press release?
  4. How to handle that first call from a reporter
    1. The Method. Taking control from the beginning
    2. Some reality checks
    3. Can I just say ‘no comment’?
  5. How to prepare for your interview
    1. Lies, damned lies and spin
    2. Does the public have a right to know?
    3. How much research should I do before the interview?
    4. The three-step H.E.M. key message preparation system
    5. How to give your key messages more impact
    6. Apologies and admissions of error PART I
    7. Take an active part in decisions about interview arrangements
    8. Final checklist before the interview
  6. How to give a confident, convincing interview
    1. An all-media performance style
    2. Can I use my notes in an interview?
    3. What’s the best way to relax before an interview?
    4. How do I influence the editing?
    5. Should I allow my feelings to show?
    6. What do I do when I can’t comment but they keep pestering me?
    7. Is there such a thing as ‘off the record’?
    8. A few short tips
    9. Apologies and admissions of error PART II
    10. What happens when I don’t agree with my company’s policy?
    11. Can I get the reporter to show me the copy before publication?
    12. What do I do when the media follow me or intrude physically?
  7. How to handle an aggressive or hostile interview
    1. The simple answer
    2. Normal ignorance and normal aggression in an interviewer
    3. Normal ignorance and extreme aggression
    4. When they try to put words in your mouth
  8. Special rules for talkback
    1. The talkback method
  9. How to handle social media
    1. Using social media to sell your product or service
    2. Social media is killing you. What now?
  10. What to do in a major crisis
    1. Does your major crisis have to be a media crisis?
    2. Organising before it happens
    3. How to handle the media during the crisis – a summary guide
    4. How to run a media conference
    5. News conference FAQs
  • Acknowledgement
  • Bibliography
  • Other books by Michael Brown
About the Author

Michael Douglas Brown