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Expert Talk: It‘s the communication, stupid!

Why do we talk at cross purposes & what can we do about it?

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Getting our wires crossed appears to be the order of the day. I use Schulz von Thun’s, “The Square of Communication”, as a compass for explaining the cause of and the solution to this phenomenon.
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Getting our wires crossed appears to be the order of the day. I’ll use Schulz von Thun’s, “The Square of Communication” – i. e. the four sides/ aspects of a message exchange between a sender and a receiver – as a compass explaining this phenomenon. Also, we’ll have a brief look at the personality types of the sender and receiver. With all this in mind, we’ll decipher the most common misunderstandings in exchange between people and analyze the widespread failure of change management communication. Additionally I will demonstrate how to improve the internal communication.

About the Author

Kourosh Ghaffari


Von Mittelstand bis Großkonzerne: Über 25 Jahre Beratungserfahrung als (Investment-) Banker und B2B-Key-Account- und Vertriebsmanager.
CEO einer mittelständischen Großhandels- und Logistikfirma.
Coach, Business Coach, Lehrbeauftragter der Fachhochschule Schmalkalden (Personalmanagement, Kommunikation).

Seit 2011 selbstständig als Unternehmer-Sparringspartner & Co-CEO auf Zeit: 




From small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations: More than 25 years of consulting experience as an (investment) banker and B2B key account and sales manager. 
CEO of a medium-sized wholesale and logistics company.
Coach, Business Coach, Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden (Human Resources Management, Communication).

Since 2011, I have been working as the sparring partner for midsize company owners in German-speaking countries as well as assisting them in solving complex problems. I am also working as an interim Co-CEO for medium-sized companies. 
Same task, different approach.