Communication Skills

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This e-book offers you a number of insights and hints how to improve your communication skills.
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About the author

Carita Nyberg works as an transformational trainer, speaker and coach for her company Keys2Balance. She has facilitated and inspired many leaders and teams assisting in bringing forth their natural strengths and improving their collaboration skills for more than a decade. She also works as a recruitin...


Are you looking for ways to get your message across more accurately and effectively? Can you see room for improvement in your workplace? Would you like to understand why it can be easy to communicate with some people and very challenging with others?

This e-book offers you a number of insights and hints how to improve your communication skills. By reading through, you can gain knowledge about the key differences in communication styles and learn how to use this understanding to become a fully competent communicator.

  1. Communication Skills
    1. The ABC of Communication
    2. Communicating face-to-face
    3. Communicating on the phone
    4. Communicating by email
    5. When the communication is not working
  2. Reaction Styles
    1. A Thinker
    2. A Feeler
    3. A Doer
    4. Developing communication skills
  3. The Reaction Sequence
    1. Typical traits
    2. The Trap
    3. Your Balancer
    4. Communication styles in action
    5. Case: Reaction styles in a team
  4. Four steps to efficient communication
    1. Presence
    2. Listening
    3. Talking
    4. Trust
  5. Reaction styles – questionnaire
    1. How you react and communicate?
    2. Reaction styles – Summary
  6. Feedback Skills
    1. Effective feedback
    2. Positive feedback
    3. Receiving positive feedback
    4. Corrective feedback
    5. Receiving corrective feedback
    6. Reaction styles and giving feedback
Very practical and useful hints.
October 15, 2016
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