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Running a Brilliant Online Meeting

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The pandemic in 2020 meant everyone had to find a new way to work and communicate. Meetings and work had moved online. Making these meetings effective involves different skills and mind sets.
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The purpose of the meeting, the technology (both the hardware and the software) who needs to attend and how to avoid meeting overload all need to be considered.

Technology supporting the delivery of online meetings both in terms of software and hardware and the techniques you need to get the very best out of these tools are covered.

Also,this book looks at the communication skills involved in facilitating a meeting including the send and receive communication model which leads on to understanding the importance of emotional intelligence and the skill of giving feedback with respect.

About the Author

The author is Hilary Mosedale, a Learning and development expert whose passion is to enable people to exceed their own perceived potential. She has worked in the field of learning and development all of her working life in a number of diverse fields from classroom delivery through to developing interactive online software in the pursuit of identifying the very best ways to support the assimilation of knowledge into the learner’s own toolkit.

  • About the Author
  1. Introducing the reasons of why we have meetings
    1. What is a meeting?
    2. Who are we meeting?
    3. What do we want to achieve from the meeting?
  2. Planning a meeting online
    1. Scheduling considerations
    2. Personal presentation tips
    3. What resources might come in handy?
    4. Meeting on a level playing field for everyone
  3. Technology – friend or foe?
    1. Hardware
    2. Collaboration tools
  4. Delivering a meeting
    1. Setting the ground rules
    2. The send and receive model of communication
    3. Giving feedback and communicating with respect
  5. The meeting ‘mop-up’
    1. The summary of action points
    2. The follow up
    3. Reflection of the meeting
    4. How to plan follow on to the next meeting
  • Conclusion
  • References

Learn the basics of planning and conducting online meetings Recognize and apply effective use of technology for online meetings Know how to communicate and give feedback effectively in a meeting setting Reflect on meetings to improve future planning and outcomes

About the Author

Hilary Mosedale