Am I Happy with my Job?

Get the ideal job and get your life path on track

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55 pages
Want to change career? Need a new job? Not sure if your skills are good enough? Here is an alternative way to not only attract the right job but also get on track towards long-term fulfilment at work
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About the author

Life Coach, Business Trainer and Author

Having almost 30 years in business, working with a multitude of companies, multi-national clients, in multiple countries and gained a Psychology Masters, accounts for nothing if the knowledge is not applied effectively. The same is true for self-develo...


Do you dislike your job? Have you been wanting to move on but not sure where to start? Does your heart long for a better position but you worry if you will ever find a worthwhile job role? What if you could get a job that is rewarding and feels more like play, than hard work?
In this second book of the series, you will learn how to make the best of your skills, knowledge and qualities by using a more effective method for attracting the right job. It is packed full of easy and unique exercises that will help you align with your life path, present your best self and gain long-term happiness.
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About the author

Nazish has helped countless people to turn their lives around from all levels, backgrounds and nationalities. She has worked with a multitude of businesses over the last three decades and specialized in training and development since 1996. With Business Psychology training, a multicultural background and an alternative approach, her books offer realistic methods and unique coaching tools along with down-to-earth advice.

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  1. About the author 
  2. Is This Book For Me?
    1. First Read 
    2. In the Toolbox 
  3. How Hungry am I? 
    1. Specify the Reason 
  4. Which Puzzle Pieces to Pick? 
    1. Creating Your Work Persona 
    2. Personal Preferences 
    3. Your Whole Story 
  5. How Do I Fit the Pieces? 
    1. Connecting to Your Direction 
    2. Best Skills Sets 
    3. Putting it All Together 
    4. Envision It 
  6. How Can I Find ‘The One’? 
    1. Best Foot Forward 
    2. A Quality Profile 
    3. Interview Wise 
  7. What’s the Alternative? 
    1. A Different Approach 
  8. Why Am I On Hold? 
    1. Other Plans 
    2. Bigger Plans 
    3. Scary Dragon 
  9. How Can I Create My Future? 
    1. Cultivating Positivity 
    2. Life’s Ups and Downs 
    3. First and Last 
  10. Final words 
  11. References 

Really well written with lots of good tips.
May 9, 2018 at 10:00 AM
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