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The Power Persuasion Blueprint

Mastering Corporate Presentation Design

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The Power Persuasion Blueprint is a radical approach to corporate presentations. It's time to stop thinking of presentations as mere documents and start thinking of them as transformative experiences.
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The Power Persuasion Blueprint: a radical shift in corporate presentations. It envisions presentations as transformative experiences, turning audiences from passive listeners into engaged participants. This method involves mastering storytelling, humanizing data, employing visual design, utilizing technology, and refining delivery. The goal is clear—to craft presentations that inspire, persuade, and create lasting impact.

About the Author

Donna Karlin: A transformational force. With 40+ years in coaching psychology, and leadership development, she sparks excellence. Her wisdom empowers industry giants and entrepreneurs, propelling them to heights. A masterful wordsmith, Donna's wit-infused coaching unlocks potential, addressing core challenges. Author, speaker, provocateur—she redefines leadership globally. Her legacy thrives in The Shadow Coaching® method, unearthing dormant power. TED Fellow coach, Harvard Founding Fellow—Donna's unstoppable passion leaves an indelible mark.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. The Psychology of Influence
    1. Understanding Your Audience's Mindset
    2. Harnessing Emotional Engagement: Pathos, Logos, Ethos
    3. Cognitive Biases in Presentations: How to Use Them to Your Advantage
  2. Crafting Your Core Message
    1. Find Your North Star: The Central Idea
    2. Defining the Why: Purpose-Driven Presentations
    3. Crisp Messaging: Turning Complexities into Simplicity
  3. The Art of Storytelling in Business
    1. Why Stories Stick: The Power of Narratives
    2. Building a Narrative Arc for Your Presentation
    3. From Dry Data to Powerful Plot: Turning Facts into a Story
  4. Eyeball Olympics-Mastering Engaging Visual Design
    1. Breaking the Mold: Crafting Captivating Slides That Dazzle
    2. Mind Games: Unleashing the Psychological Impact of Colors, Shapes, and Fonts
    3. Design Secrets Unveiled: Unleashing the Power of Visuals for Non-Designers
  5. Data Sorcery-Conjuring Magic with Data Visualization
    1. The Oracle's Tongue: Making Numbers Sing, Dance, and Beg for More
    2. Data Wizardry Tools: Choose Your Wand
    3. Extreme Makeover: Data Visualization Edition
  6. Stagecraft 101-Acing the Art of Presentation Delivery
    1. The Presenter's Toolkit: Your Voice, Body Language, and Energy
    2. Bringing It All Together: The Power of Practice
    3. Your Encore: Dealing with Q and A and Unexpected Hurdles
  7. Beaming Up-Harnessing the Power of Tech to Amplify Impact
    1. The Tech Treasure Chest: Your Arsenal for Impact
    2. Navigating the Tech Galaxy: Balance and Tact
    3. Final Frontier: The Ever-Evolving Techscape
  8. Grappling with the Q/A Beast- Turning Questions into Kudos
    1. The Crystal Ball: Anticipating the Inquisition
    2. Dodge, Parry, Thrust: Juggling Tricky Questions
    3. The Positive Spin: Turning Questions into Springboards
  9. The Art of the Do-Over- Sculpting Greatness through Critique and Iteration
    1. The Power of Iteration: Painting with Broad Strokes, Then Fine Details
    2. Relentless Refinement: From Rough Sketch to Masterpiece
    3. The Crucible of Creation: Unearthing Brilliance in the Minefield of Iteration
  10. Wizardry in Action- Dissecting the Makeover from Monotonous to Mesmerizing
    1. Case Study 1: AeroTech
    2. Case Study 2: Green Glow
    3. Case Study 3: FinTrack
  • Conclusion: The Power Unleashed-Becoming the Persuasion Powerhouse
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 2
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Identify and connect with audience values and beliefs to enhance persuasive communication Craft a clear and engaging message using storytelling that resonates with the audience’s experiences Design visually appealing presentations using colors, shapes, and layout to support the message Master effective delivery techniques, including voice modulation and body language, to engage the audience

About the Author

Donna Karlin