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How to Talk Tech to a Non-Techie Audience

17m 36s
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Easy-to-adopt techniques that are perfect for leaders who are technically brilliant at what they do yet need to win over a non-techie audience!
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Perhaps you’re technically brilliant at your job. Brilliant. You are fantastic at delivering what you need to deliver on a daily basis. However, sometimes communicating and building a rapport can be a challenge. This episode is perfect for you if you are a professional who works in; data analytics, risk, compliance, accountancy, in the legal world, IT, engineering – or any technical field for that matter.

Host, Esther Stanhope makes it easy for you to learn some useful tricks and techniques to be more clear, concise and have more impact.

An author, broadcaster and speaker herself shares her many years of experience including a humorous story of the Parisian leader who missed the mark with his technically detailed emails!

Plus, she shares useful tips, techniques and tools from her award winning book “Goodbye Glossophobia – Banish Your Fear of Public Speaking”

By the end of this episode you will…walk away with an easy to adopt formula – so you can create the perfect elevator pitch; short, punchy and succinct with a killer top line.

Plus, you’ll have the confidence to take your punchline and make it your top line! It’s easier than you think.

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