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How to Have More Impact & Presence

(In This Virtual World)

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Is it possible to increase your presence and impact as a leader? Can you learn to have more impact & gravitas, or are you simply born with it?
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Author, speaker and personal impact expert, Esther Stanhope answers these two questions and shares her stories, experience, observations & practical tips from working with BIG personalities, politicians, business leaders and Hollywood Stars at the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) in her 20+ year career.

The good news?  

Yes you can learn and increase your personal impact and presence with a few physical adjustments and some practice tips. Everyone can.

Her easy-to-adopt high performance body language strategies are designed to help leaders like you, increase their status, impact and influence by learning to play the “ACE card.”   

By the end of this episode you will walk away with tangible practical tools and the confidence to have more impact as a leader.

Expect to feel 2 inches taller and ready to “ACE” it in the boardroom and take on the world.

For more useful tips, tricks and techniques to look, sound and feel confident as a leader, visit Esther’s website for further juicy content, podcasts, books, hacks, materials and more.

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