How to Receive Difficult Feedback

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International speaker, award winning author and former senior BBC producer Esther Stanhope shares her transformational communication tips for leaders. In this session - how to receive feedback!
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About the author

Meet Esther Stanhope - The Impact Guru  

If anyone can help you speak like a pro, get promoted and have more impact & presence, it’s Esther Stanhope.

Since leaving the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) in London as a senior producer in 2011, she’s help


According to the famous British Psychiatrist Professor Steve Peters (author of the Chimp Paradox) – negative feedback is 6 times stronger than positive feedback in your brain!

We tend to ignore the positive and dwell on the negative, which is why we often avoid or dread receiving difficult feedback.

What Esther’s learnt as a senior BBC producer and leader is that feedback is essential to grow and improve. However, many of her clients have found receiving harsh or difficult feedback crushing and unhelpful.

By the end of this episode,

You will have the confidence tools and a very practical & tactical tip (called The Table- it Tip) you can take away and apply next time you’re taking on difficult feedback (or someone else’s harsh words).

Esther’s tip is inspired by the body language expert Wendy Palmer, founder of Leadership Embodiment. It’s a simple and practical exercise you can try out with a partner.

You’ll walk away feeling more confident when it comes to receiving difficult feedback so you can learn, grow, and do better business.