Real Networking in Virtual Times

by Michael Whitehouse
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Learn to make the most of the exciting new virtual networking resources that will allow you to build a powerful global network of contacts.
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In 2020 everything changed, including the way we network. It was disruptive, but disruption leads to adaptation. Once we couldn’t connect in person, we moved online. Suddenly, we can connect around the country and around the world. We are able to make connections we never could in person. Learn how to make the most of these incredible resources in this fun and informative talk.

About the author

Michael Whitehouse is an author, motivational speaker, personal business coach, and event organizer. He is the author of The Guy Who Knows A Guy, a fun and approachable book about networking. He motivates on his daily podcast, and he coaches people to figure out next steps and unravel sticky problems. Learn more about Michael at