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The Learning Organisation for Managers
Transforming Your Underperforming Sales Team
Expert Talk: Business Overwhelm
Social Enterprises
The Sociology of Business
Expert Talk: Adjusting your Tech Mindset
Expert Talk: Intuitive Decisions with Dr. Mega
Assessing Information Risks
Scenario Analysis for Managers
Modern Facilities (Factory) Planning
Get Ready for Action with Circular Economy
The Spectrum of Ethical Behaviour
Fraud Prevention and Detection
SME Plans, Policies and Procedures: Book 2
Expert Talk: Not Another Crypto Show
Berliner Balanced Scorecard: Customer Perspective
HR2025: The Future of Work – Managing People
Keep Moving: Accountability in Organisations
In Focus: McKinsey - The Effect of COVID-19 on L&D
What do Managers do?
People-Centric Change & Adaptive Organisations
In Focus: Talent and Positivity at 24 Hour Fitness
Systems for Working Faster
DP Audit Report
The New Normal Economy
How to influence organisational change
Corporate Social Responsibility
Leading Ambidextrous Organizations – Part 2
How to Organize your Work, Home and Life
Escaping the Tyranny of the Urgent
Leading Ambidextrous Organizations – Part 1
Enterprise Architecture
Guidance and Counselling in Schools
Social Impact Strategy
Audiobook: Management Basics
Genesis of Strategic Management
The Heart of Corporate Social Responsibility
Berliner Balanced Scorecard: Employee Perspective
Expert Talk: Business Digitalization
Expert Talk: Organisation Recruitment
GDPR Gap Analysis by Article
Expert Talk: Office Politics - Ask Questions
Building Stronger Organizations
Micro Talk: Improving your Process, Part 1
Organize an Event Project
Corporate Valuation and Takeover: Exercises
Expert Talk: Office Politics - Get Strategic
Critical Thinking in the Workplace
Structured Thinking
Managing through Change
Corporate Social Responsibility: Part II
Corporate Social Responsibility: Part III
Working Capital and Strategic Debtor Management
HR Champions of Change
The Myths and Realities of Teamwork
GDPR Gap Assessment Tools
Non-Cooperative Games
Adaptable Routines
Assessing Privacy Risks
Expert Talk: Remote Work - Virtual Assistant
Customer service
Excellence in Using the External Workforce
Expert Talk: How to Help Kids Organise Themselves
Working Capital and Debtor Management: Exercises
Business Continuity Management Simplified
Strategic Financial Management
Building an Effective Team
Strategic Marketing
Corporate Social Responsibility: Part I
Expert Talk: Organisational Strategy Management
Sustaining Ethical Behaviour
Truth and interpretation in Social Science
The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Playbook
Expert Talk: Keeping to Your Annual Goals
GDPR Gap Analysis by Process
Influential Corporations
In Focus: Implementing Learning Strategies
Expert Talk: Collaboration in Innovation
Establishment of Sound Internal Control Systems
Learning Organizations
SME Auditing Toolkit - Book 3
Supply Chain Management
Data Protection (GDPR) Guide
Keep Moving: Thankful and Resilient Leadership
Case Studies in Internal Controls
Getting Back to the Office After the Lockdown
Create a United Culture
Micro Talk: Understanding Accountancy
DP Audit Questionnaires
Business Solutions with Decision Models
Counselling Skills
In Focus: An Amazing Story of Resilience
Expert Talk: Amazing Stories of Everyday People
Learners Case Studies
Expert Talk: Corporate Social Responsibility
Expert Talk: Office Politics, Keep Calm & Carry On
Expert Talk: Resilience at Work
Manufacturing in the Circular Economy
DP Audit Support Tools 2
Expert Talk: Business Etiquette
SME GDPR Daily Operations Manual
Your Brand, Your Treasure
Project Management State of Practice
Setting an Agenda
Personal Data Support Tools
The Six Secrets to Perseverance in a Pandemic
What do HR People do?
In Focus: The Future of Professional Learning
Portfolio Theory & Financial Analyses
Leadership Styles Uncovered
Introduction to Game Theory
Hotel Management
Handling Employee Complaints and Grievances
Managerial Technology Evaluation
Management Control
Diversity History, Quotas and Solutions
Transparency in the Workplace
Micro Talk: Reducing Waste in Processes
Audiobook: Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset
Portfolio Theory & Financial Analyses: Exercises
Business Theory and Practice
Digital Training @Work
Understanding Unconscious Bias in Organizations
SME Internal Controls Guide
Business Management
Expert Talk: Productive Meetings
Hybrid Work: Employer Perspective
Keep Moving: Remote Leadership
4 Digitalisation Tips
Learning Maps for Managers
Easy-to-use Team Facilitation Techniques
Managing Personal Data Breaches
Planning in Management
Blended Learning
Team Performance Unleashed!
What else do Managers do?
In Focus: Learning Culture at Disney
Expert Talk: How to Attract your Co-Creators
SME GDPR Support Tools
Expert Talk: Sell your Business with Storytelling
The World of Modigliani and Miller
Expert Talk: Sport’s Not (Just) About the Ball!
Managing Data Subject Rights
In Focus: The Importance of Lifelong Learning
Workplace Wellness: Relationships and Resilience
How to Build Trust and Respect in the Workplace
Expert Talk: The Golden Rules of Office Politics
Code of Conduct
CSR: The Social Context of Management
Effective Business Continuity Management
Innovation and Small Business - Volume 1
International Business and Global Strategy
Business Strategy And Strategic Planning
Administration Skills
Internal Communication Management
Strategy, Marketing Plans and Small Organisations
Studying Strategy
Planning and Managing your Work Based Project
Values Based Leadership in Business Innovation
Leading Ambidextrous Organizations – Part 3
How to Motivate your Team
What do Organisations look like?
Authenticity in Business
Corporate Valuation and Takeover
Embracing a Culture Driven By Feedback
It's the Way We Do It Here
CSR: Management as Part of a Social System
Purchasing and Stores Management
Learning Organisations
Writing winning essays
In Focus: Predicting the Future
In Focus: An Agile Approach to Learning Design
Explanation and Interpretation in Social Science
Data Protection Audit Process
Innovation and Small Business - Volume 2
Voices from the Middle
International Business Dynamics
In Focus: What Does Your Company Brand Stand For?
Power of Purpose Driven Teams and Organizations
Embedding Team Learning
Organizational Resilience
Introduction to the Service Supply Chain
Expert Talk: Office Politics - Change it
Optimising Virtual Work
DP Audit Support Tools 1
Expert Talk: M&A and Company Culture
Effective Personal Data Practices
Expert Talk: Developing Leaders and Teams
Expert Talk: How to be a Productive Leader
Cooperative Games
Strategic Financial Management: Exercises
Corporate Governance and Risk Management
Operations Strategy
An Introduction to Business and Business Planning
The CEO’s Guide To GDPR Compliance
Organisational Myths – Volume 1
Conflict, Discipline & Grievance
In Focus: Learning in an Agile Environment
Expert Talk: Why CSR isn't a Department or Tagline
Organisational Behaviour
Corporate Governance and International Business
Positive Change
Introduction to International Business
Strategic Analysis of Supply Chain Design