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Circular Economy and Behavioural Change

A Six Step Approach to Achieve your CE Action Plan

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Via a 6-Step Action behavioural change plan, the reader is provided with a straightforward handbook on how to build a company, launch a product or provide a service with Circular Economy in its DNA.
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First you need to KNOW, then you WANT to make the meaningful difference, next you need to ENABLE yourself to address the challenge you are going to solve. From here you simply go out and DO it. Then there will be challenges which will ask from you to PERSIST but with all these learnings during this wonderful journey you can then APPLY your experiences in different places and situations.This book provides you with a straightforward guideline on how to build a company, launch a product or provide a service with Circular Economy in its DNA. The author is one of the world’s most experienced entrepreneurs in this economic paradigm shift. Learn from his successes and mistakes.

About the Author

Eric Logtens (Rik), Netherlands, is with almost 20 years of experience in building companies and commercializing products (Cradle 2 Cradle) one of the very first entrepreneurs in the world to adopt, develop and improve the principles of what later was called the Circular Economy. He has a proven track record on how to scale companies and products which have a positive impact on our environment and society whilst proving that this can be combined with a great economic performance.His Purpose: Prosperity for Everything and Everyone. With an educational background in (a.o.) human behavioural change he now finally put to writing his vast international, in-depth experience and know-how.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. Introduction
    1. Why Now?
    2. Climate Change versus Climate Action
    3. Embarking on the Circular Economy
  2. Know
    1. What is the Circular Economy?
    2. What is Cradle to Cradle?
    3. Fractal Triangle, there is no Economy without Ecology and Equity
    4. Material Depletion
    5. How relevant is Material Depletion for business?
  3. Want
    1. My defining moment, what’s my Why?
    2. Don’t you want to know
    3. Strive for Prosperity for Everything and Everyone
    4. CE Principles lead to excellent economic business cases
  4. Enable
    1. All the technology you need already exists
    2. Choose a Blue Ocean strategy
    3. The challenge you choose will impact an existing industry. Disrupt it from the outside
    4. Prepare yourself to attract the talent you need to make the CE venture possible
  5. Do It
    1. Build the right team
    2. Build communities
    3. Build credibility in every aspect
    4. Build a brand
    5. Map the CE Eco-system you build
    6. Quantify the impact
  6. Persist
    1. The Resistance to Change
    2. Choose your launching Customers carefully
    3. Prepare yourself for Greed to come into your house
    4. The Waiting Line
    5. Never, ever give up
  7. Apply
    1. SoNow… this is the day you are going to start
    2. Grab the learning curves and share what you have found
    3. Timing is everything. The time is right now
  • Endnotes

Know when it’s time to let go and allow your venture to grow with others. Use your experiences to apply positive change in diverse situations. Recognise the importance of passion and perseverance in achieving goals.

About the Author

Eric (Rik) Logtens