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Understanding Unconscious Bias in Organizations

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This book provides readers with a description of unconscious bias and explains how it can negatively influence organizational performance.
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Leaders in organizations are increasingly becoming aware of the negative impact of unconscious bias on performance. Changes in Society and the legal framework concerning diversity and discrimination at work, means that this hidden threat can no longer be ignored. This e-book is written to help organizations’ decision makers understand unconscious bias and offer practical solutions that can mitigate its effects.

About Authors

Dorothy’s empathic approach and enthusiasm about her work has provided her with opportunities to be invited to Europe, the USA and UAE providing specialist accreditations and training. She is also a guest speaker talking to Medical and MBA students on Emotionally Intelligence – What you need besides qualifications in the workplace.

Dorothy graduated with a BSc in Psychology at Goldsmith’s University, London, in 1992, and from there she undertook an MSc in Organisational Psychology which provided her with a solid foundation of both theory and practice of how best to help organisations and the people that work there to function in a healthy and productive manner.

In 2007, Dorothy’s work in helping others was recognised by winning the UK National Training Award. She has authored several books on various topics from Psychometric Testing, Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching for Anger Management, Psychopathic Leadership – The Good, Bad and Downright Ugly and Star Performers – How Emotional Intelligence Can Enhance your Career.

As well as offering psychological insights to companies, Dorothy coaches’ leaders to find their ‘true north’ and provides emotional intelligence profiling for private individuals.  

Dorothy is based in the UK.  

Nigel has a background of 20 years business experience at Director Level (UK, Germany & Italy). He has also worked in the HE sectors as a Principal Lecturer in Psychology, developing MSc programs in both Business Psychology and Consumer Psychology. Currently he is R&D director for and has created several bespoke online engines for exploring the subconscious and emotional aspects of decision-making within organizations and within the minds of consumers.

  • Author Biographies
  1. What is Unconscious Bias?
    1. What is Unconscious Bias?
    2. Types of Unconscious Bias
    3. Ramifications of Unconscious Bias at Work
  2. The Brain’s Storage Systems
    1. The Brains Storage Systems
  3. The Brain’s Association Maps
    1. The Brain’s Association Maps
  4. Tackling Unconscious Bias at Work
    1. Tackling Unconscious Bias at Work
  5. Accessing “Implicit” Responses
    1. Accessing “Implicit” Responses
    2. Implicit Association Test (IAT)
    3. Image-Pro™
  • Conclusion & Next Steps
  • References/Further Reading
About the Authors

Nigel Marlow

Dorothy Spry