Expert Talk: How to Attract your Co-Creators

Interview with David Saville

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In this interview Judy’s Clean Language questions help coach David Saville to discover how metaphor underpins his thinking about how he finds the best people to work with.
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About the author

Consultant Judy Rees helps groups and teams to develop creative collaborative dialogue. They learn to uncover and share the roots of their thinking by using a precision inquiry methodology, called Clean Language.

This process is unusual because it pays close attention to metaphor, the n...


Every moment with another person can be a collaboration, according to London-based coach David Saville. Collaboration is happening, even when it isn’t really what you’d expect - unless we get in our own way. In this interview, he describes how to attract people into that kind of co-creation. Judy’s Clean Language questions help him to discover for himself how metaphor - in his case, a metaphor of a dance - underpins his thinking about how he does his best work.