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Professional Audio and Video
Digital Strategy Mapping
Agile, a Manager’s Guide
Expert Talk: Technology and Change
Java 6: JDBC and database applications
Micro Talk: HR - Privacy and Protection, Part 1
Expert Talk: Adjusting your Tech Mindset
Programmed Learning
Prolog Techniques
IT Audit Guides
IT Audit Support Tools 1 - Book 4
Social Selling
Digitalisation: Future
C# 10: More on WPF
Applications of Prolog
Expert Talk: IT and Information Management & Data
Expert Talk: Not Another Crypto Show
Micro Talk: Soft Skills and VR
Assessing Information Risks
Java 4: Java’s type system and collection classes
Automating Openstack using PHP7
Java 12: WWW and development of the client part
Java 11: Web applications and Java EE
Parallel Programming Made Simple
Using Concurrency and Parallelism Effectively – II
SQL: A Comparative Survey
Communicating with Technology
Database Design and Implementation
IT Strategy & Technology Innovation
Cloud Computing
Java: Graphical User Interfaces
An Introduction to Windows Operating System
Powerful Online Communication
Introduction to Web Services with Java
Digital Systems Design
12 Steps to Social Media Success
C# 7: About System Development
Building Real Time Web Applications in PHP and JS
Advanced Messaging Using PHP7 and Symfony 5
Windows 7 Install to Secure
C# 1
Information security for non-technical managers
Artificial Intelligence: Exercises I
Exercises on Relational Database Theory
Law for Computing Students
Hands-on with SAP ERP and IDES
Face the Future
Perl for Beginners
The Basics of User Experience Design
The Digital Transformation Handbook
Using Concurrency and Parallelism Effectively – I
Expert Talk: GDPR
R Companion to Introductory Nonparametrics
In Focus: The Role of People Professionals
Internet and Technology Law: A U.S. Perspective
IT Audit Support Tools 2 - Book 5
Enhance a Website Project
Data Protection Specialized Controls
Expert Talk: Internet of Things
Management of large sets of image data
How to Build Software
Building Information Modeling
Policing Cyber Crime
Artificial Intelligence – Agent Behaviour
GDPR Gap Analysis by Article
Data Protection Impact Assessment
GDPR Gap Assessment Tools
Search Engine Advertising
The 4th Industrial Revolution & the Future of Jobs
How to improve your company’s performance
Digital Thinking and Mobile Teaching
Understanding Computer Simulation
Data Protection and Privacy Management System
A Guide to ERP
PaulOS: Part II
Applied Business Analysis
Object Oriented Programming using C#
Java: Classes in Java Applications
Java 1: Basic syntax and semantics
How to Improve Your Production: Part II
IT-Business Alignment: Part I
Expert Talk: Cyber Security
Java 5: Files and Java IO
C# 11: WWW The server side
Practical IT Asset Management
DP&P Strategies, Policies and Plans
C# 12: WWW the Client Side
Java Data Structures and Algorithms
Expert Talk: Data and Technology
C# 8: Threads and LINQ
C# 2: Programs With a Graphical User Interface
A Step-by-Step R Tutorial
PaulOS F020: An RTOS for the C8051F020
C# 3: Object Oriented Programming
C# 5: Assemblies, Class Libraries and IO
An Insider’s Guide: Website Sourcing Made Easy!
Visual Event Computing
Java 15: More about JavaFX
Windows 8.1
Business Information Management
IT Management
How to Talk Tech to a Non-Techie Audience
Future Performance Measurements in the Age of AI
Go Data Structures and Algorithms
IT Management, Part II
Introduction to Soft Computing
Java 10: Java2D, Drawing of the window
Hands-on with SAP S/4HANA and GBI
C# 6: ADO.NET and Database Applications
Go Faster!
Introduction to E-Commerce
An Introduction to Matlab
The complete web developer
Mathematics for Computer Scientists
Automation and Robotics
The adventures of an IT leader
Tech-Know with Uncle URL
Value Stream Mapping
Expert Talk: Responsible Use of AI
GDPR Gap Analysis by Process
CCNA in 21 Hours
Time to be Productive
Taming an Uncertain Future
A Practical Introduction to 3D Game Development
Artificial Intelligence: Exercises II
Java 3: Object-oriented programming
Technology-Based Entrepreneurship
Electronics and Computing in Textiles
Ubuntu® Linux
Managing digital risk
Learning with Technology
Managing Data Subject Rights
Java 20: About the system development process
The modern information environment
Java 14: Development of applications with JavaFX
Expert Talk: Data Security Protection & Management
How to Create High Performance Teams
Digital Training @Work
Artificial Intelligence
Expert Talk: What is Blockchain
Expert Talk: Cryptocurrency Safety
Java 9: Swing, Documents and printing
IT Governance Controls - Book 2
Managing Personal Data Breaches
Java 16: Mobile phones and Android
Managerial Technology Evaluation
Paulos F040
How to build a subscription business
Programming Security Surveillance Systems
OOP in PHP and MVC
Java: The Fundamentals of Objects and Classes
Salesforce Document Generation and Why You Need It
4 Digitalisation Tips
PaulOS: Part I
Linux for system administrators and DevOps
Virtual Must be Part of Your Events Strategy
Object Oriented Programming using Java
C Programming in Linux
Working from Home
Making the Most of Big Data
Java 2: Programs with a graphical user interface
Digital Image Processing: Part I
Decision-making support systems: Theory & practice
21st Century Corporate Learning & Development
Systems Analysis and Program Development
Good Digital Hygiene
Java 17: More about Java and Android
Visual Cryptography and Its Applications
Agile Concepts
Expert Talk: Making Online Sales
Expert Talk: Adapting to Tech Changes
Technology evaluation for entrepreneurs
Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
C# 1: Basic Syntax and Semantics
IT-Business Alignment: Part II
Java 13: Distributed programming and Java EE
Digitalisation and Kids
Java 19: More algorithms and data structures
Security and Data Privacy Audit Questionnaires
Ruby Data Structures and Algorithms
C# 4: Important Classes and More
Ethical Hacking for Beginners
C# 9: GUI programs with WPF
Effective Personal Data Practices
IT Performance Management
Java 18: Algorithms and data structures
Java 7: About system development
IT Audit Execution Tools - Book 3
Structured Programming with C++
Introduction to Digital Signal and System Analysis
Expert Talk: AI in Business - the Real Scoop
An Introduction to the Internet of Things
Java 8: Multithreaded programs
Strategies of MNCs in the Digital Era
In Focus: An Agile Approach to Learning Design
Large Scale Data Handling in Biology
Digital Image Processing: Part II
Business Information Management: Exercises
Artificial Intelligence – Agents and Environments
In Focus: Learning in an Agile Environment
Semantic Web And Ontology
Cyberattacks and Cybersecurity
Business Information Systems
How to do the Final Year Projects
3D Video Processing and Transmission Fundamentals
Introduction to Complex Numbers
Systems Analysis and Design
Fundamentals of Media Security
An Introduction to Relational Database Theory
How to Improve Your Production: Part I
Understanding XML: A Software Development Approach
Managing the use of technology