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Digitization – WIIFM?

A Stakeholder Perspective

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Digitization - impact on stakeholders, and opportunities; approaches, perspectives from human, technology, business model & process angle; building the case for change and execution success factors.
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This book seeks to better the understanding of digitization for all stakeholders, helping make informed choices about their part in their organization’s transformation. The book addresses this by looking at different stakeholder needs, key levers for digitization and providing a guide on building the case for change for an organization. The premise of the book is that with all the key pillars of successful digital transformation understood and considered, digital transformation can create an overall positive impact for all stakeholders while minimizing the rates of failure.

About the Author

Jacob Vaidyan is a digital transformation advisor, working on technology led business transformation for over two decades. At enterprise software leader SAP, Jacob is a thought leader on technology, industry, business model and innovation. He works closely as a trusted leader and adviser with the executive team internally, with Customers and the wider ecosystem to drive mutual success in digital transformation. He has a breadth and depth of experience working with leading brands from around the world across a range of industries where he finds synergies between technology and business.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. What is Digitization?
    1. Definition & Historical Perspective
    2. Digital Disruption
    3. Impact & Future
  2. Digitize Whom – Stakeholders and Opportunities
    1. Key Stakeholders
    2. Purpose led Transformation
    3. Challenges & Opportunities
  3. Approaches to Digitization
    1. Big Bang
    2. Incremental
    3. Hybrid
  4. Human Element of Digitization
    1. End user Perspective
    2. Culture & Change Management
    3. Automation & Humans
    4. Other Considerations
  5. Technology Perspective
    1. Technology Trends
    2. Bimodal IT
    3. Sustaining Technology Edge
  6. Business Model and Process Perspective
    1. Primary Business Model
    2. Business Processes
    3. Transforming Process and Business Model
  7. Building the Case for Change
    1. Stakeholder Perspective
    2. Revisiting Purpose
    3. Strategy Primer
    4. Financials
    5. Risk Perspective
    6. Communication
  8. Execution
    1. 4DX Approach
    2. Software and related Ecosystem
    3. Continuous Improvement
  9. Conclusion
  • Endnotes

Identify the benefits/risks digitization presents to stakeholders. Apply purpose-driven transformation to align digitization with organizational goals and sustainability. Manage digitization execution using frameworks like 4DX and continuously improve processes.

About the Author

Jacob Vaidyan